Things From the Gallery Warehouse 7-B

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Things From the Gallery Warehouse 7-B

50 Moganshan Rd., Bldg 18
200060 Shanghai
January 9th, 2016 - March 6th, 2016

+86 21-6276 2818
Tue-Sun 1-6pm, closed Mon
photography, installation


Followed the tradition of the series, Things from the Gallery Warehouse 7-B continues to showcase artists’ works which were previously engaged in Biennials, museum special projects and etc. ShanghART hereby launches 8 installation and photography works from artists, SHI Qing, HU Jieming, YANG Zhenzhong, ZHANG Qing and ZHANG Ding. The exhibition is released to public from 9 January to 6 March 2016.

Perception, existence, spirit and substance are seen as the fundamental scope of philosophy, the exhibition is curated by the tangible substance as the variable clue, thereby provoking the speculative philosophy of legitimate environment, internal logic of sociology and spiritual symbolisation. SHI Qing’s M1508-1 deploys the life routine of urban China as its spatial structure, which is extracted from multiple functioned stations such as markets, factories, entertaining places and transporting conjunctions that impact on essential living track embedded in people’s daily activities to resonate the internal logic between the urban production and consumption. The Black Box from HU Jieming enables viewers to experience a ‘nonempirical’ super-social, cultural legendary presence by mobilising the physical sensory of ‘Super-Visual’ potentiality in a dark surroundings. In terms of V , YANG Zhenzhong endeavours to unearth the spiritual implication which exists beyond objects while infiltrating through the perpetual moving rhythm. Before... undertakes the entrusted Buddha as a medium to authenticate the belief, ZHANG Qing implies that the performability has been exuding from worshippers’ behaviour in a psychological state under Buddhas’ surveillance, which signifies the reverence to Buddhas surpasses the devoutness itself. To establish a combat scene dwelt between sensory and will in the process of re-configuration from one object to another is facilitated by depriving the stereotyped definition of objects, as ZHANG Ding’s Black Substance-3  purposed.

Things from the Gallery Warehouse 7-A presents SHI Qing’s spatial installation work, Wuhan Climate in ShanghART Main Space (Building 16). The exhibition will last until 6 March.
Things from the Gallery Warehouse is an ongoing exhibition project initiated by Shanghart in 2009. Every winter, this exhibition series showcases art works which were presented in past major exhibitions, Biennials and museum scenarioed projects and since have been rarely shown in shanghart's 3000 square metres warehouse (ShanghART Taopu Warehouse) once returned. Those hidden works produced by artists who germinated in diversified occasions will be re-located under a distinctive context, which are overt to be contemplated.


思 想,存在,精神,物质为哲思的基础范畴,此次展出的作品均以实际的物质作为讨论线索,从而引发对实际的生存环境,社会生活的内在关联以及精神指代的思辨哲 学。石青的《M1508-1》以中国城市的基础社会生活轨迹为空间结构。将代表不同服务内容的站点如菜市场,工厂,娱乐场所以及车站等影响人们日常活动的 核心路径从生活轨道中剥离,以此反射出城市生产与消费之间交错的内在逻辑。胡介鸣的《黑匣子》,在黑暗的环境中调动全身感官的“超视觉”潜能体验一次“去 经验化”的超社会、超文化的传说现场。杨振中的《V》,透过物质不停息的运动节奏,探索存在于物质之上的精神暗示。章清的作品《在…之前》以承载精神寄托 的佛像作为辩证信仰的媒介,在一种被神监视的心理状态下暗示膜拜者的行为已经具有表演性,对神像的敬畏超越了忠诚本身。张鼎的《黑色物质-3》通过发觉物 质本身的属性,使物质脱离固有的经验式定义,从而在物——物重组的过程中,构建一个存在于感官与意志之间的对抗场景。


画 廊仓库展由香格纳画廊在 2009 年发起,是一个持续的系列制展览项目。每年冬季,该展览将会展出曾参与过双年展,博物馆合作项目以及重大展览的作品,这些作品因回归至香格纳 3000 平米桃浦展库而甚少再次展出。这些隐匿起来的作品展现不同情境下艺术家萌发的各种观念,并邀请观者在新语境中收获不同的诠释与体验。

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