Art Project 24: Naissance

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Flying Apsaras, 2014 Deformed Steel Bar, Led Fluorescent Tube 750×200×150cm © Courtesy of the Artist and Today Art Museum (TAM)
Art Project 24: Naissance
Curated by: Zhang Honglei

32 Baiziwan Road
Pingod Community, Chaoyang District
100022 Beijing

January 24th, 2015 - March 15th, 2015

Sun-Sat 10-6; Closed every Monday and during Spring Festival

The Round 1 "Naissance Art" belongs to the Project 24, a complex exhibition project born in the current chaos and contradictions of contemporary art phenomena. The number 24 is regarded by Chinese people as being both multiple and consummate. This is also the major direction of the Project 24: both for multiple perspective reform and a consummate artistic spirit. Project 24 brings new blood of future possibilities into the art sector and gives it new force to bring about artistic innovation from new perspectives.
Starting with "Naissance", the exhibition will appear with a totally new artistic outlook before the public. It will be the accelerator for the new generation of blood. The dimensions of the art works will break all the established exhibition orders. Diversity and innovation are its main body. It is diversified, verbal, social. It has a sense of temperature and energy. It can be even physical, vocal or in written form. The choice of artists blurs the border of ages. Independent individual projects are possible as exhibition within the exhibition. The artists may submit their own proposals and a careful selection of these proposals will be presented to the public. The exhibition is thus more unexpected and diversified. "Naissance" is also the blood forming organ for the new generation of driving power. As a new type of people in the new generation, what we can do is to start with ourselves and explore any possibilities around us and that we can lay our hands on. And then to elevate them into the fundamental creative power of art. We will create new art from a new starting point and in new paces.
  24’艺术计划第一回“Naissance”是在当下艺术现象的混沌与冲突中确立的一个整体呈现。24在国人的认知取向中代表多元和圆满,这也是24`计 划的主向标,即为多元性的改革又走向圆满的艺术精神!24`计划带着具有未来更多可能性的艺术血液注入艺术行业,为艺术带来一股全新的力量,用新的视角带 动艺术性的变革。

      以“Naissance”为起源,展览将以一种全新的艺术面貌与公众见面,它将成为新一代血液的助燃器,展览作品的维度将打破原始的展览格局,以多元和创 新为主体,它是多样性、语言性、社会性、有温度感和有能量感的甚至可能是肢体的、声音的、文字的作品出现在展览中。在艺术家的选择上跨过年代的划分,并在 展览中设立的独立艺术个人项目,以展中展的形式呈现,以艺术家提交的个人方案一一考究选定好的个人项目在展览期间带给公共更为别样和多元的艺术展览。 “Naissance”同样它也是新一代新动力的造血器,作为新一代的新型人员,我们可做的就是从自身出发,做于我们周遭、我们所触碰到的任何一种可能 性,将其升华为艺术最根本的创造力,在新的起点新的脉搏做新的艺术。

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