“On the Side where there is no Handrail”

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© Courtesy of the artist & Galerie Perrotin
“On the Side where there is no Handrail”

17/F, 50 Connaught Road
Hong Kong
August 29th, 2013 - September 28th, 2013

+852 3758 2180
Tue-Sat 11-7


Galerie Perrotin is delighted to announce the exhibition “On the Side where there is no Handrail” by French artist Bernard Frize from 29 August to 28 September 2013.
”Painting is physical work (a mechanical art), and I strive to make the most of its productive economy. The experimental plans coincide with the resulting image. The forms relate to the distribution of colours, and the concept of all these effects (consequences) is in fact the concept of the picture. I do not even know if there is a picture. There is simply an event which is recorded and all its rules indexed: a painting. The process itself, then, is not the aim and, although I have often said that you only have to look at it to know “how it’s done”, this is because there is no dressing-up to be seen, but simply an action, the action of revealing the order and the material qualities with which these sensory experiences are made. In this, I have found something implacably rigorous which could be repeated as many time as there are variations that fulfill the same pre-established conditions.” Bernard Frize
Since the end of the seventies Bernard Frize has extensively created a considerable body of work which has been exhibited all over the world in galleries and museums (such as the Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil, 2012, the Morsbroich Museum in Leverkusen, Germany, 2010, at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris/ARC, France, 2003, at S.M.A.K, Belgium, 2002 and at De Pont, Netherlands, 1998 among others). He has been awarded the Fred Thieler Prize for Painting in 2011 and the Berlinische Gallery has organized a major exhibition.
Known previously for investigating the process by which a painting was made, his work uses a variety of methods to make paintings, often sharing key features of modern industry and providing a reminder that meaning is not given but constructed. Founded on a sequential principle, his series of paintings are keys to exploring the conditions of their own appearance, through rigorous and playful compositions.
Like formal and conceptual musical scores, Bernard Frize’s paintings result from performances with very precise game rules that follow a predetermined structure that also allows for chance.
The exhibition “On the Side where there is no Handrail” at Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong, brings together eight never-before-seen abstract paintings of different series in vivid associations, reactivating some earlier motifs. The large works play with transparent & superimposed colors with a certain spontaneous gesture (“Gliale”, “Nelio”, “Brosilla”), some of them suggest kaleidoscopic visions or mysterious and hypnotic cross-section views (“Seplia”, “Ubald”, “Semploi”, “Ploria”, “Polji”, “Penta”). All the canvases resonate each other mutually despite their dissemblance. In a subtle manner, the dialogue between the works reveal the intrinsic and infinite possibilities of painting.
Sensuality and an obvious beauty paradoxically ensue from a style of elaboration that is cold and mechanical. Bernard Frize thus makes visible and palpable the economy of painting by posing the idea as a prerequisite for any pictorial action.