Untapped Love

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Untapped Love

97 Avenue C
10009 Manhattan
May 1st, 2013 - May 25th, 2013
Opening: May 2nd, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

east village/lower east side
By Appointment or call for hours.
Lecture, participatory, forum, mixed-media, installation


UNTAPPED LOVE                       May 4 @ New Museum  11-6pm

NEW YORK – The Love Yourself Project (LYP) uses the visual arts as a catalyst for inclusive, global and community-based projects designed to increase self-awareness, cultural self-esteem and collective progress.

In this unique participatory installation, UNTAPPED LOVE brings a community together. LYP volunteers have taken to the streets and visited businesses, and other organizations to ask them one simple and powerful question: “How do you help others and spread love through your work?” The project brings to light these acts of kindness to show how self-love leads to loving others. The untapped resource of self-love can create a more harmonious community.

UNTAPPED LOVE documents local businesses based in The Lower East Side who have gone above and beyond the products and services they offer. The project highlights local generosity and illuminates the compassion these business owners have for their community and its members. LYP’s goal is to honor these unsung heroes of The Lower East Side whose philanthropy is a testament to the human spirit and its extraordinary potential for positive growth.

UNTAPPED LOVE encourages people to engage in the conversation about the power of self-love and how it can empower our local and global communities. The exhibition featured throughout the festival Ideas City will be a truck displaying a Map of Love that illustrates the extraordinary individuals and businesses The Love Yourself Project is honoring. Visitors are invited to share personal acts of love and populate the Map of Love with their kind deeds.  Participants may also make short videos telling their story of kindness.

The Love Yourself Project will host a discussion about UNTAPPED LOVE, and conduct short interviews with people regarding the impact of self-love on the world. There will be a satellite exhibition at Michael Mut Gallery (97 Ave. C) from May 1 - May 25. Opening reception is May 2, 6-8pm. and May 4, 11-6pm at the New Museum

*ABOUT The Love  Yourself Project/Michael Mut Gallery

On Nov. 19, 2010, the Love Yourself team began taking to the streets and subways of New York City greeting people with messages of kindness and love and distributing more than 500 "Love Yourself" stickers and hand-folded hearts. We encouraged people to engage in a conversation about self-love. Since then, educational, art, and community events have been held in Pakistan, The Netherlands, Paris, Luxembourg, West Africa, Miami, and Australia, among other locations.