The Origin of Dao: New Dimensions in Chinese Contemporary Art

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Please proceed to 2F , 2012 Inkjet Paint On Canvas © Courtesy of the artist & The Hong Kong Museum of Art
The Origin of Dao: New Dimensions in Chinese Contemporary Art
Curated by: Pi Daojian

10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
May 17th, 2013 - August 18th, 2013
Opening: May 17th, 2013 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

hong kong
(852) 2721 0116
Closed on 3 August 2015 to prepare for the next phase of our development.


Since 2008, the Hong Kong Museum of Art has organised the exhibition series "Hong Kong Art: Open Dialogue" with the purpose of exploring different aspects of art in Hong Kong and providing a diversified art experience. It includes "Digit@logue" (curated by Ms Ellen Pau), "New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond" (curated by Mrs Alice King), "Looking for Antonio Mak" (curated by Ms Valerie C. Doran) and "Charming Experience" (curated by Ms Grace Cheng). "The Eternal Tao: New Dimensions in Chinese Contemporary Art," curated by Professor Pi Daojian, will be the final one of the exhibition series.

Viewing the development of Chinese contemporary art, the unique essence of traditional Chinese art has been incorporated into various new practices which give voice to contemporary values and spiritual pursuits. More than 30 Chinese artists from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas will be exhibiting paintings, lacquerware, ceramics, installations, video and animation which represent the transformation of artistic creation as well as cultural reflection in Chinese contemporary art.

A two-day international symposium will also be held at Lecture Hal l with an aim to thoroughly discuss the practice and discourse of Chinese traditional art medium in contemporary art.