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Dust, 2012 Platinum Print 7 7/8 X 7 7/8 In Edition Of 6 © Courtesy of the artist & CHAMBERS FINE ART BEIJING

Red No.1-D, Cao Changdi Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing
March 2nd, 2013 - April 14th, 2013

Tue-Sun 10-6


Chambers Fine Art Beijing is pleased to announce the opening on March 2 of Odes by Taca Sui. In May - June, 2012 Taca Sui participated in a two-person exhibition with Cui Fei in Origins at Chambers Fine Art, New York in which a selection of photographs from the Odes were included but this will be the first time that the complete series is exhibited.

Born in Tsingtao, China in 1984, Taca currently divides his time between Beijing and New York. Since 2010 he has been working a project inspired by the Book of Odes (Shi jing), the celebrated collection of poems which dates from the Bronze Age. To prepare for a photographic series based on the Book of Odes, he first spent a year immersed in the classic text and its enormous body of commentary. He worked out an itinerary based on places named in the text, visited them one after another ¬¬but without seeking to document the poems’ original setting, to illustrate their imagery, or to add another set of footnotes to the three thousand years’ worth of ingenuity and guesswork already on the shelves. Rather, in visiting the sites, Taca laid himself open to the discovery-procedure already implicit in the poems, and reproduced, not their particulars but their method.

The photographs in this collection don’t illustrate the Book of Odes, they evoke its workings in a different medium. Recognizing the elusiveness of the topic, Taca has stated that he hopes “to build a stable artistic structure that corresponds on some level to the composition of the Book of Odes, but at the same time pushes the Odes’ literary significance into a distant and unfamiliar world, bringing the work’s amorphous and mystical concepts into reality and by doing so, facilitates analysis of the Odes which truly is an artistic model with limitless possibility.”

The nine groups of photographs on display together for the first time – Odes of Ya and Song, Odes of Zhou Nan and Shao Nan, Odes of Wei, Odes of Wang, Odes of Zheng and Kuai, Odes of Tang and Wei, Odes of Qi and Cao, Odes of Qin and Bin and Odes of Chen - are noteworthy for their formal rigor and austerity. In subject matter they range from mountain ranges and rivers to close-ups of unexpected details but they are all unified by Taca’s masterly control of the platinum and silver gelatin process through which he achieves tonal effects of extraordinary refinement.


塔可1984年在青岛出生,目前往返于北京和纽约两地生活和工作。他深受源自青铜器时期的诗集《诗经》的启发,自2010年起开始创作《诗山河考》 这一摄影系列。为了筹备这个创作项目,塔可首先花了一年时间钻研《诗经》的文字以及大量的研究资料。他根据《诗经》中提到的地名作了一个路线计划,一个接 一个地亲身造访了这些地点。但他没有刻意去记录诗歌原本的情境或阐释它们的意象,或步众多文人学者的后尘在三千年来对《诗经》的研究上添加更多的揣摩。造 访这些地点时,塔可毫无拘束地运用了《诗经》的创作手法,而他模仿的不是这一诗集的具体内容而是其表现方式。

《诗山河考》中的摄影作品并没有试图阐释《诗经》,而是通过另一种媒介来呼应《诗经》的创作手法。关于这一深奥的主题,塔可说道:“我希望建构一种 稳定而又牢固的结构,同时与‘诗’本身的结构在某些层面可以形成互文,把文学性的意义推到一个遥远而又陌生的世界。使这些无形而神秘的东西进入现实之中, 来剖析这个负载著无数可能性的范本。”

《诗山河考》中的九组摄影作品《雅•颂》、《周南•召南》、《卫风》、《王风》、《郑风•桧风》、《唐风•魏风》、《齐风•曹风》、《秦风•豳风》 以及《陈风》将首次同时展出。它们以严谨的构图和简练的形式引人注目。从无际的山川河流到意想不到的细节特写,这些作品题材各异。然而,塔可对铂盐及银盐 印相的精湛运用将它们有机地结合,其对色调的掌控也不得不令人叹为观止。