ALL THE TIME contemporary sculpture & paintings exhibition

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© Courtesy of Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Doland Art Museum)
ALL THE TIME contemporary sculpture & paintings exhibition

27 Duolun Rd
(near Sichuan North Road)
200081 Shanghai
March 2nd, 2013 - March 15th, 2013
Opening: March 2nd, 2013 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

+86 (21) 6587 2530
Tue-Sun 10am - 5pm


ALL THE TIME: it is nearly all the time and at many occasions that you meet the artists of Linz, Ling and Lois Nimmervoll, their art, objects, their world of colours and forms.

Are they artists of Linz? Alois hails from Linz, Ling, on the other hand, comes from Chongking but they both have their studio and exhibition rooms in Linz. In reality, however, they are artists of the world and at home all over the world too, motivated and inspired by their great journeys which have taken them to all corners of the globe and it is the encounters they have made with cultures, space and time that generates their creativity.

ALL THE TIME also means that it was always curiosity teamed up with the love of adventure and thirst for education which were the motives per se for all the various artistic personalities who departed on such voyages of research and study and to collect impressions. This is also the case with Ling and Alois Nimmervoll who have travelled afar for the past 20 years, travels which range from Greenland to Australia, from the Easter Islands to Polynesia, from China to Vietnam and to France: they discover the world in an artistic fashion and then work their impressions into pictures and objects in their studio in Linz.

Alois Nimmervoll (born in Linz in 1943) has been travelling since 1961. He started doing various jobs, did commercial design and spent time as arts studen at the Prahic college of advanced art and desigen in Mellbourne, later as a free-lance artist in Australia .Since 1978 ,is back in Linz. ,here open his art studio , Alois found his centre, his centre point for work as well as a venue for his great annual exhibitions. It was also from here that he departed with his wife, Ling, on their great travels from 1989 onwards which took them round the world to collect new impressions and impulses for himself and the work of this unique artistic couple.

Nimmervolls biograpy shows many exhibitions in Austria and abroad, his works can be found in the collections of several public institutions and important museums such as the Albertina in Vienna.2004 he became the cultural medal of uppe austria.

And thus it was too that a trip to China brought the couple together and Ling Peng, born in 1965 in Chongking in the People’s Republic of China, came to settle down at Alois Nimmervoll’s side. Since 1989, Ling, who studied literature and economics , shares their common studio and gallery with her husband, Alois. Ling Nimmervoll has achieved Europe wide acknowledgement as a renowned artist – her works have also been aquired by public collections. The intense study trips that they take together and their sojourns in Asia and Polynesia bind them together as artists: it is exactly this symbiosis in their interests and inclinations which allows for their individual artistic expression in colour and form. However, in their art, approach and work, Ling and Alois represent very differing styles, materials, techniques and forms. Alois Nimmervoll has developed over the past decades from a creator of impressionistic landscapes to a very liberal, colourful and impulsive painter whose connection can only be vaguely detected to the subject his paints. He remains an excellent observer, illustrator and portrait painter and this can be seen in his various drawings, sketches and graphics. He is capable of capturing and transmitting very personal and impulsive impressions and sentiments by using merely a few strokes, strong colour and simplest of means. Ling Nimmervoll as sculptress is very different indeed with her rational, aesthetic and fine objects. Echoes of forms and the symbolism of Chinese script are to be found in her work in which hidden meanings and envoys lie. Each of the elegant metal, ceramic and glass constructions are artistically unique unto themselves, fresh and light, accented with strong primary colours: aesthetic objects like artistic exclamations marks in space.

ALL THE TIME: the artistic symbiosis of Alois and Ling Nimmervoll allows for something secretive: something combining which goes beyond exhibitions and presentations of their works. It is their common interests and thematic approach. It is travelling per se and the aspect of discovery, learning, surprise and working on their impressions and encounters and then reproducing them. It is this common ground, even a symbiosis of inclinations and talents which develops into a reciprocal action which is then mirrored again in their art. That is the reason why Ling’s clear and chaste forms and decisive colours are to be found in Alois Nimmervoll’s paintings and why Ling’s object art has influenced Alois in his “World of Numbers,” taking the form of artistically decorated chairs, or why both artists have been chosen and commissioned for projects in public spaces. Ling’s object for a company`s lobby, a concrete and metal construction several metres high shows how she has left her artistic fingerprint here. Alois has been commissioned for the future Anton Bruckner Private University. This shows a new and wider field of creativity for both artists and goes beyond the familiar and exhibited oeuvre seen till now.

After comprehensive exhibitions held e.g. in Linz, Auckland in New Zealand, Tapete in Tahiti, in Sichuan Fine Art Museum in the People’s Republic of China as well as Marseilles, a new mutual exhibition is to be held in Shanghai Duolon Museum of Modern Art in the People’s Republic of China. It will mark the occasion of nearly 50 years of the artist`s career and ca.25 years partnership with Ling Nimmervoll.

This exhibition in Shanghai represents the apex, for the mean time anyway, of the production of two interesting artists and we are very curious indeed as to what we may expect in the future of Ling and Alois Nimmervoll.