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ta-ta-ta-ta-ta->, 2012 Digital Video 1 Hr 30 Min © Courtesy of the artist & Gallery EXIT
Installation view © Courtesy of the artist & Gallery EXIT
Installation view © Courtesy of the artist & Gallery EXIT

3/F, Blue Box Factory Building
25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen
Hong Kong
June 29th, 2012 - July 28th, 2012
Opening: June 29th, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

hong kong
Tue-Sat 11-6


ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-> by Samuel Adam SWOPE is a Situationist’s experiment with urban behaviours. Third in a trilogy, the work looks into the ritual of flyer distribution. Such phenomenon can be reduced to a three part formula: Input, obstruction by the distributor; Process, the confronted decides between engagement and avoidance; Output, action. The artist challenges social reflexes by replacing the cue with kinetic sculptures in everyday interactions.

The exhibition is comprised of a modified catapult, engineering drawings and documentations of its guerrilla performance. In a video, the metallic contraption fires paper planes from a factory rooftop. The vehicles are inscribed with Swope’s name without further explanation. Though aggression is retained through the rhythm and vehemence of the machine, the artist removes physical confrontation in favour of grace. Astound pedestrian watch and wonder as the origami flyers ascend the air.

Swope’s employment of mechanics and his processual analysis of behaviour is a far cry from any intent to displace humanity. The practice of defamiliarization, through the labour of eliminating the human variable, is in fact a conscious engagement with his reality. Though the work attracts critiques of the human condition, Swope does not set any hypothesis nor make any social commentary. He is an inventor of novel situations.

Samuel Adam Swope received his BA in Fine arts with emphasis in sculpture from Missouri State University in 2007 and completed a study abroad programme between 2006 and 2007 at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He recently participated in a residency program at Vermont Studio Center and has received a full merit based scholarship to study at School of the Art Institute of Chicago beginning in Autumn 2012.

Samuel Adam SWOPE 的《撻-撻-撻-撻-撻->》是個境遇主義者對現代都市行為的實驗。作 為三部曲的尾聲,作品探討傳單分發的模式。整個進程可以簡化成三個步驟:輸入,途人 遇到分發傳單者的阻礙;過程,途人去選擇「接受」或「迴避」;輸出,亦就是行動。藝術 家利用機動裝置的運作去挑戰途人在日常生活裡的社交互動關係。

展出作品包括一部改良的彈射器,機械繪圖及遊擊表演的錄像。錄像片段中,機器裝置從 工廠大廈的天台上射出一只又一只的紙摺飛機。每只紙摺飛機僅印有Swope 氏的名字而沒 有附加任何說明。機動裝置持續而強勁的節奏和力量極具威脅性,但藝術家卻强調整個傳 單派發過程裡的優美姿態來替代內在的激進本質。由傳單摺成的紙飛機在天上遨翔,使途 人禁不住嘖嘖稱奇。

Swope 氏對器械的運用和對人類行為的過程分析並不是存心要取締人性。 憑著機動裝置撇 除社交過程中「人類」這個變數來實踐陌生化,正正是他對自身實體的一種反思。雖然作 品就人性的定位引來了不少議論, 但Swope 氏並沒有在這方面落實任何假設或對社會作 出任何評論。他是一個創造新穎情境的發明家。

Samuel Adam Swope 於2007 年在美國密蘇里州大學取得藝術學士學位,主修雕塑,並在 香港中文大學完成2006-2007 年度海外交流計劃。今年,他曾於佛蒙特藝術中心參與藝術 家駐場計劃,並獲取芝加哥藝術學院的全額獎學金,於2012 年秋季繼續升學。