Developing Phantom Group Show

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Developing Phantom Group Show
Curated by: Dang Dan

798 Art District, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road
Chaoyang District
January 6th, 2012 - March 3rd, 2012

+86.105762 6200
installation, video-art


A comprehensive media group show “Developing Phantom” will be held at PIN Gallery in 798 Art Zone from January 6th to March 3rd, 2012. The four artists-group WAZA, Jiang Zhi, Zheng Yunhan and HEXIE Baroque will observe and analyze all the contradictive communities of the present ideology with their respective artistic concepts and practice and regain the frameworks to tend our future by referring to the faithfulness and authenticity of the modernization and development.

Since its establishment in 2002, WAZA has conducted a series of comprehensive art projects related to regions, sites, voices and identities. In the comprehensive installation Plan for Youths in Society-I Wish You Bon Voyage, a gallery, a public space, is put in a site full of symbols of private memory in a representation way. The coincidence and replacement of the identities of youths in society and artists as well as the text form in half-lost state have all kinds of connections with the specific past realities. The strong emotions evoked by them directly aim at the erosion and fast disappearance of history.

Mr. Jiang Zhi's works are full of the tendencies of poetic everyday experiences, and lay stress on the sharpness and depth of the daily perception in a unique aesthetic strategy. His video installation Let there be light (2006) shows in a huge open amphitheater that the disorders of the audiences thoughts and sense organs is pulled into a solid real life, which is on the move and fails to dodge, in 34 brightness and darkness lasting different time. “Light” herein hasn’t a specific denotatum.
Mr. Zheng Yunhan always matches, collide, intensify and interpret the changing history and realities with personal experiences, and shows partial truths with the expansion and alienation of intrinsic energy. Large installation the Depths of Light by Zheng Yunhan is created by the connections and sublimation of the artist’s own experience. In huge metal cubes, the mass and sense of pressure created by the superposition of tens of thousands of crystal patches and 160 rotating fans are displayed by light beam at the top.

In automatic installation Untitled series by HEXIE Baroque, a newly-established art group in 2011, the languages herein are used to construct a kind of associations in a visual sense. They supplement images between two dimensional spaces and three dimensional spaces. The kind of intertextual combinations which produce corrosive effects from negative angles express their own ridicules and disappointment over realities.

“Developing Phantoms”, which will be both the first exhibition launched by Pin Gallery in 2012 and the startup project for a series of art works by Asian young artists, is designed to present various modern art ecology with an compatible and open attitude and effectively deepen and promote various possibilities of all kinds of explorations.