Realm of Illusion | Ink Painting and Digital Media Work

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Realm of Illusion | Ink Painting and Digital Media Work

401 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street
Hong Kong
September 9th, 2011 - September 30th, 2011
Opening: September 9th, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

hong kong
Mon-Fri 10- 6:30; Sat 10-6; Closed Suns & Public Holidays


This exhibition, “Realm of Illusion”, is focused on ink art. In recent years, Wong Chung Yu has combined digital media with ink painting to create his art. His theory is to utilize all available digital technologies to modernize traditional ink painting, and thereby revive ink art in our time. Wong feels that since an artist absorbs the atmosphere of his era, it stands to reason that when he exhales, it will be in the voice of that same era. Wong’s artwork is demonstrated through a real-time computer process, an approach which in itself is a breakthrough. “Real-time” here means “using a computer during the exhibition to instantly calculate and show results, thereby directly involving the computer in artwork display.” This technique has revolutionized two art terms: “random” and “interaction”.

Since Wong’s visual effect is randomly created, the imagery of his painting cannot be predicted. In this exhibition, Wong’s Spiritual Water 2 is a work capable of producing unlimited waterfall types by means of a computer process which randomly determines the shade or width of the waterfall, as well as the flow of the water. The shape of waterfalls varies in every scene, which is a way to pursue the goal of “enduring beauty” in the manner of ink art. “Interaction” means that the artwork may change its appearance in response to movement from the audience. Wong believes that generally speaking, art is a one-sided creation. “Interaction”, can therefore be regarded as a unique digital media idiom. By means of “interaction”, the audience is able to create virtual images or sound, and combine them with a real ink painting. In this manner, the audience is enabled to play a major role in the outcome of the ink painting. In his work, When Time Flows Away, Wong relies on a computer program to calculate the effect of ink infiltration, which then interacts with water in real-time. This work allows the audience to become involved in altering national history. The concept of the work, The Holy Mountain 5, aims to pursue the “wandering” aspect of traditional landscape painting by means of a changeable 3-dimensional landscape. The Prosperous World 1 is a combination of a painting and digital animation, which is an attempt to incorporate a metropolitan and fashionable characteristic into ink art.

Aside from the above mentioned digital works, Wong Chung Yu will also exhibit his paintings. He is inspired by both traditional Chinese landscape painting as well as his metropolitan imagination, the combination of which results in unique scenery. This is also Wong Chung Yu’s technique of inserting a sense of time into the medium of painting.

Wong Chung Yu received his Master degree of Computer Science and later pursued a Master of Art degree in Digital Arts in London with scholarship. He is a lecturer teaching multimedia design at the Polytechnic University and a member of the Hong Kong Union of Visual Artists. He has recently exhibited at The Hong Kong Museum of Art and Song Zhuang Art Museum, Beijing between May and August 2011.

「大幻界」的主題是水墨藝術。這幾年間,黃琮瑜都是以數碼媒體融合水墨畫的方式創作,他的藝術理念是利用一切可運用的數碼語言,來為傳統水墨畫注入時代的 演繹,讓水墨藝術活在當代。黃琮瑜認為藝術家吸入一個時代的空氣,理當呼出這個時代的聲音。黃琮瑜突破地通過電腦實時演繹作品,這實時的意思是指運用電腦 在展場內即時運算及呈現效果,而直接參與了作品展出。這種手法革新了兩個藝術詞彙,就是「隨機性」和「互動性」。

黃琮瑜透過製造隨機的視覺效果,畫作的面貌故此是無從預測。在這次展覽中,黃琮瑜在作品「靈水2」利用電腦的隨機性令瀑布產生無限型態,隨意決定瀑布的濃 淡度、寬度、和水的流量。這瀑布的形態每一幕都不同,以求達到水墨藝術對「耐看」的追求。而「互動性」是指透過觀眾身體的動作而改變作品的面貌。黃琮瑜認 為創作方式一般是單向性,故此「互動性」可以說是數碼媒體的獨特語言。藉着互動讓觀眾自行製造虛擬性的影像或者聲音,並讓這些影像 或聲音與水墨真蹟結合,讓觀眾可以主導一件水墨作品的面貌;。黃琮瑜在作品「逝水年華」中,利用程式運算墨的滲染效果並以水為媒介作實時互動,讓觀眾參與 民族的歷史變遷的作品。作品「神山5」的概念是以穿梭三維圖像技術塑做的山川,去追求山水畫的「可遊性」;而「錦繡圖1」結合了畫與數碼動畫,替水墨藝術 找尋都會式的時尚面貌。


黃琮瑜畢業於香港中文大學計算機科學系碩士,後獲獎學金赴英完成數碼藝術碩士。黃琮瑜現於香港理工大學多媒體設計課程擔任講師,亦是香港視藝聯盟成員。近期展覽包括在五月於香港藝術館開幕的「承傳與創新 水墨對水墨」及六月在北京宋莊美術館舉行的「媒體藝術節展覽」。