Expression of Chinses Contemporary Art

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Expression of Chinses Contemporary Art

32 Baiziwan Road
Pingod Community, Chaoyang District
100022 Beijing

March 6th, 2011 - March 21st, 2011

daily 10am - 5pm (no entry after 4pm)


The future development and the inter relationship with the western expressionism of Chinese expressionism paintings, should keep the same pace with the whole picture of Chinese paintings. Here, the painting brushes are just the tool the artist use to express an idea or emotion. The point is how to use them to accomplish the art work. Like Si Tao once said, "Where the principle stand? It lying in one stroke." The "stoke" he mentioned was a sample of the artist's creation. In fact, the value, spirit and liminality of art all started from the artist, the process of writing actually reflects the personality and artistic cultivation of the artist. Meanwhile, the social status and the seniority of the elder artists can dig deeper in the mind and nature, the social value, the history and the life itself. The so called "Chinese way" is a background we share, it doesn't matter if you are an internationalist or an anti-traditionalist, even at the time when the younger generation abandon the traditional style, value and spirit; claiming there is little new in the traditional expression, we can't deny the existence of this common background. The way of writing is the pursuit of individual interests, it could be political,? aesthetic, moral or phenomenal...
The Chinese way of writing should not be restricted by the material, it embodies the present situation of art by revealing the nature of painting; The Chinese way of writing follows the consistent principles of Chinese painting: "Brush and ink evolves with the time"; The Chinese way of writing discards the perverted nationalism stand, in the ground of open modern Chinese society, searching for the royal road to the great beauty; The attitude of inheritance and innovation is the essence of Chinese way of writing, which also constitutes the basic idea of this exhibition.