The Third Party - An Exhibition in Three Acts

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The Third Party - An Exhibition in Three Acts
Curated by: Beatrice Leanza

East End Art Zone A, 319-1 Caochangdi Village, Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing
November 11th, 2010 - January 31st, 2011

+86 10 6432 0091
Tuesday-Sunday 11 :00-18:00
photography, mixed-media, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, sculpture


And what would art have to do with this? What would it give tobe seen? Cause to be seen? Let us see? Let us cause to be seen?Or let itself be shown?Jacques Derrida – The Truth in Painting

The Third Party is an exhibition conceived to unfold in threeconsecutive sessions in Platform China project space. Eachapproximately lasting twenty days, the three moments of thisshow are devised to disclose their conceptual and thematicassociations as in a chain‐reaction, where the individualframeworks are determined by the critical inputs presentedwithin a preceding one.The Third Party explores the shaping relationships betweennarrative and aesthetic objects to foreground an inquiry in therealm of the ‘ordinary’ specific to the Chinese context. It doesso by mobilizing overarching frames of reference and critiquecurrently at play, be those aesthetic or historical, through threeanalytical environments tackling respectively issues of selfhistoricization,witnessing/archiving and collaboration.The Third Party therefore concerns itself with matters ofmapping, the tracing of patterns of both presence and absenceand the ideological constitution of subjects.

This project continues an ongoing series of practical and theoretical investigationsinitiated by the curator Beatrice Leanza titled “States of Distraction”. This series ofprojects particularly focuses on the interrelation between spatiality and artisticpractices from contemporary Asia. It started in November 2009 with the groupexhibition “Emporium – A New Common Sense of Space”, presented in Milano’s DaVinci Museum of Science and Technology with 27 artists, collectives andindependently‐run art spaces from China, Korea and Japan.

THE THIRD PARTY – An exhibition in Three Acts


Act 1. How to Be Alone (or Nowhere else am I safe from the question: why here?) | 2010 .11.11-11.30

Act 2. The Stranger | 2010.12.9 – 12.30

Act 3. The Third Party | 2011.1.9 – 1.31