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Flower Withers but then Blooms © Courtesy of the artist & Hanart TZ Gallery

401 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street
Hong Kong
September 30th, 2010 - October 23rd, 2010

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Mon-Fri 10- 6:30; Sat 10-6; Closed Suns & Public Holidays


漢雅軒將為本地年青傑出藝術家周俊輝舉辦第四次香港個人展覽。展覽《衍生的衍生》以繪畫家傳戶曉的華語電影為手段,探討藝 術作品在主題上不斷自我衍生的可能性。周俊輝1980年生於香港,2006年於中文大學完成學士及碩士課程,2008年獲“香港藝術中心三十週年大獎”及 “Sovereign亞洲藝術獎”,2010年9月剛獲由香港浸會大學主辦之“印象.張愛玲”繪畫獎。
香港有很多電影,尤其是早期的電影, 雖然都會根據真實歷史而創作,但是有很多成份都屬於假想性質。《衍生的衍生》展出的新畫都全部選用改篇電影,例如「赤壁」,電影主題描述的“赤壁之戰”取 材自小說「三國演義」,而「三國演義」其實啟發自史書「三國志」。“赤壁之戰”的陳述或者形式在電影,小說和歷史之間存有很大的差別,這是一個經典主題在 不同年代,不同文化背景下能夠持續自我衍生的好例子。另一幅作品「唐伯虎點秋香」以周星馳的電影版本為參考,藝術家第一次看的卻是粵劇版本,故事未必與歷 史上的唐伯虎有關係。 藝術家希望透過重畫一套重拍的戲再創造背後的文本,帶出內裡更多不同的故事。

Hanart TZ Gallery will hold renowned young local artist Chow Chun-fai fourth solo exhibition in Hong Kong. The exhibition Reproduction of Reproduction uses paintings of famous Chinese film as a starting point, to discuss the possibility of endless reproductions in art. Chow was born in Hong Kong in 1980 and finished his Bachelor and Master degree in Chinese University Hong Kong. He received awards include “Hong Kong Arts Centre 30th Anniversary Award Grand Prize” and “The Sovereign Asian Art Prize” in 2008. He has just won the 3rd prize of “Impressions. Eileen Chang. Inaugural Painting Award” organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University.
Chow Chun-fai started with painting that put Hong Kong landscape and taxi in the spot light. Afterwards, he used a mixture of photography and painting to create a series of work using western classical painting as drafts. In 2006, he started using film as his work’s motif; using local classical imagery to transform into art work.
Many Hong Kong made films, especially early ones, would base their stories on historical facts. But many elements of those films are still fictional. The new works that will be shown in Reproduction of Reproduction would base on films which used adapted screenplays. For example in “Red Cliffs”, the movie is about the Battle of Red Cliffs which itself from the novel The Romance of Three Kingdoms. In turn The Romance of Three Kingdoms is based on The Records of Three Kingdoms. The narration and form of the Battle of the Red Cliffs is very different between the film, the novel and history. This is an example of a classical motif being continuously reproduced in different ages and different cultures. Another work, Flirting Scholar, recalls a film directed by Stephen Chow. The first version that the artist watched was a Cantonese opera version instead of this. Both stories might not be correlated with the historical Tang Baihu. Yet, the artist wants to recreate a dialogue through redraw a film with an adapted screenplay to bring out the story of the reproduction.