Reflection of Minds MoCA Envisage Biennale

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© Courtesy of MOCA Shanghai (Museums of Contemporary Art Shanghai)
Reflection of Minds MoCA Envisage Biennale
Curated by: Wang Weiwei, Ding Yi

People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Road
200003 Shanghai
September 12th, 2010 - October 8th, 2010

+86 21 63279900
Sun-Mon 10-6

In this information-booming era, people receive their information and knowledge through countless methods, which have made salient the increasingly serious environmental and social problems of our time. How do the artists of the young generation face the ever-realistic world and the increasingly convoluted life as they grow up? They might criticize, mock, meditate on, get entangled in, yield to, or even enjoy it. To some extent, all of these attitudes represent the spiritual status of today's young people. Profound meditations and lighthearted mocking, strong social responsibilities and the insistence on enjoying life-all are twisted together without denoting right or wrong. In fact, the young generation knows more than the previous one about how to approach life situations from different angles as a way to take a fleeting break from one's tense life. As people's material life progressively improves, their appeal to spirituality elevates along with it; not only does the want for physical beauty increase, but so does the aesthetics demanded of people's spiritual status. The freshness and curiosity of daily life and the hidden, camouflaged beauty in things can bring about brand new aesthetic enjoyment.
MoCA Envisage, put on by the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai biennially, always focuses on Chinese contemporary art, discussing the directions and tendencies of this art within a broad scope. The Third MoCA Envisage 2010 will revolve around recruiting young artists in China to come together and present "Reflection of MindsĀ - MoCA Envisage Biennale". While presenting the latest tendencies in Chinese contemporary art, we are also trying to simultaneously bring an interesting and vigorous art experience to the audience.