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401 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street
Hong Kong
September 9th, 2010 - September 28th, 2010
Opening: September 9th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Mon-Fri 10- 6:30; Sat 10-6; Closed Suns & Public Holidays


人生真是充滿了意外!天生反骨視婚姻為畏途的我,居然在2008年秋天與女友結為連理,並於2009年驚蟄弄瓦,心境不免 產生巨大轉變。回顧長期以來的創作,從原本拆解歷史大敘事轉向個人私生活體驗,變化不可謂之不大,而人生中許多奇特際遇,不免令我懷疑這究竟是不是一場 夢?

生處浮世,總免不了七情六慾的牽絆,年少輕狂,不自覺揮霍了多少青春絢爛,但在邁入不惑之年竟又略感惘然;往事歷歷在目,過往遺憾是再也喚不回了,不是醉 生夢死可道盡心中惆悵。有感與此,《如夢令》系列畫出了中年男子渴望青春肉體的俗辣世界,並在新婚後試圖以個人過往情史為藍本創作了《恨纏綿》系列,參考 中國古代風俗畫、春宮畫、界畫與月份牌風格,描繪這些年來值得留念的諸多生活情趣,以感懷過往十餘段沒有結果的戀情。

本次在香港的個展則是這陣子的心情寫照,描繪的是與太太和女兒到處旅行、甜蜜蜜的蜜月生活,畫面中如古典攝影所附加的花形邊框,呼應了現今流行的復古幾何 圖案,我則選用較為素雅的色彩,以表現畫面中全家人平淡卻幸福的氛圍;雖多少隱含著中年弄瓦的甜蜜負擔,但人生卻也因此轉變成充滿色彩並與對未來滿懷期 待。在此階段,透過「微敘事」與「私日記」手法,將傳統中修身養性、飄渺空靈的山水意境,帶入到婚後的世俗生活,人生新階段的開始就從奇幻山水中兀自開 展…。

姚瑞中1969年生於台灣台北,1994年國立藝術學院(國立台北藝術大學)美術系理論組畢業,曾代表台灣參加1997年威尼斯雙年展、2005年橫濱三 年展以及2009年亞太三年展,海內外聯展百餘次,也曾從事過小劇場、電影、美術史教學、藝術評論、策展等工作,曾赴舊金山「海得嵐藝術中 心」(1997)、倫敦「蓋斯沃克藝術家工作室」(2001)、紐約ISCP(2006)及蘇格蘭Glenfiddich(2007)駐村。姚瑞中專長為 攝影、裝置及藝術理論,其作品涉獵層面廣泛。


Hanart TZ Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Taiwanese artist Yao Jui-chung. Yao’s “Honeymoon” series is a continuation of the previous series “Dreamy” (2009) and “Romance” (2009).  “Dreamy” Series is a depiction of the longing of middle-aged men for the fleshly pleasures they knew in their youth. “Romance” Series depicts the artist’s  interesting life experiences as a memento to the dozens of love affairs in the past. “Honeymoon” (2010)series is description of traveling to different destinations in the company of his wife and daughter on their delightful honeymoon.  Just as with classical photography, the patterned frame of the painting is a reflection of traditional geometric designs that have been well received today.  Yao has therefore selected plain and elegant colors to express the atmosphere of simple but contented family life.   Yao has applied the styles of “micro-narrative” and “private diary” to incorporate elements of self-cultivation, together with the ineffable spirituality of traditional Chinese landscape painting, into the everyday world of married life.  The beginning of a new phase in life thus arises from the fantastic landscapes of the painting.

Yao substituted a hard-tipped drafting pen for a classical brush to create traditional landscape in “Honeymoon” series. Shading with the drafting pen is not done by varying the amount of water but rather by building up lines on the coarse paper, creating a multitude of lines that have a nervous quality which results in a flattening illusion.  Yao uses handmade Khadi paper from India instead of traditional thin xuan paper. When gold leaf is used on the surface of this apper it does not appear overly flashy or vulgar, but instead has the natural charm and rustic feel of a shrine mural.

Yao Jui-Chung was born in 1969 in Taipei. He graduated from The National Institute of The Arts (Taipei National University of the Arts) with a degree in Art Theory. Yao is an artist, critic and curator.  He teaches at the Taipei National University of the Arts and the National Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts. In 1997, he represented Taiwan in “Facing Faces-Taiwan” at the Venice Biennale and took part in the International Triennale of Contemporary Art Yokohama in 2005. He is also invited to the coming Taipei Biennial 2010.

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