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363 Changping Road
2nd Floor
200060 Shanghai
May 15th, 2010 - August 11th, 2010
Opening: May 15th, 2010 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

(+8621) 6266 1597
Wed-Sun 1-6


m97 Gallery is pleased to present "NEON PARADISE" a solo exhibition of photography works by German artist Peter Bialobrzeski. The “Neon Paradise” exhibition showcases for the first time in Shanghai works from Bialobrzeski’s award-winning "Neon Tigers" series, as well as works from his most recent "Paradise Now" series. Bialobrzeski's photographs depict the urban landscape and concrete jungles in metropolises across Southeast Asia. Spanning nearly a decade, these two bodies of work are the perfect juxtapositions and bookends to Bialobrzeski's work in Asia. “Neon Tigers” illustrates the infrastructure boom and high rises of Asia's megacities, while “Paradise Now” shows the intermingling of nature and the man-made neon luminescence in a subtle and startling balance of lush greenery and neon phosphorescence. Peter Bialobrzeski’s works have been exhibited around the world from New York to Hamburg to Mumbai and are in numerous public and private collections. "Neon Paradise" at m97 Gallery will be Bialobrzeski’s first exhibition in Shanghai. The exhibition is supported in part by the Cultural Section of the German Consulate in Shanghai.

m97 画廊非常荣幸地在此举办德国艺术家彼得比阿罗· 贝泽斯基个人作品展“霓虹天堂”。这次展览将展出他个人极力推荐的”霓虹老虎”,以及他最新的作品“天堂时间”系列。彼得· 比阿罗贝泽斯基的作品主要涵盖了东南亚一带现代大都市的景致,以及钢筋混凝土建筑群的壮丽景色。彼得· 比阿罗贝泽斯基用了将近十年 的时间,将这两种不同的景致完美地融合在了一起,这也成为了他的亚洲作品的独特风格。“霓虹老虎”深刻描绘了亚洲高速发展中的宏伟建筑。“天堂时间”这个系列的作品中混合了自然风光与人工霓虹冷光,其中茂盛的热带的植物与霓虹灯的冷光结合得恰到好处,给人以不可想像的视觉冲击。艺术家本人也将会在这次上海个人展中亮相。 彼得· 比阿罗贝泽斯基的作品已经在全球展出多次, 从纽约到汉堡再到孟买,他的很多作品已经被许多美术馆及私人所收藏。“霓虹天堂”将是彼得· 比阿罗贝泽斯基在上海的首次展览。 这次展览由德国领事馆文化中心支持与协办。

Peter Bialobrzeski (German, b. 1961) studied Politics and Sociology before he became a photographer for a local paper in his native Wolfsburg, Germany. He travelled extensively in Asia before he went back to College in Essen and London to do a course in Photography and Editorial design. After having worked as a photojournalist for almost 15 years and published his work worldwide, Peter started to focus more on personal projects. He interprets his work neither as documentary nor as art but defines it as Cultural Practice. In the last ten years, six monographs have been published about his works, "XXXholy" (2000), "NEONTIGERS" (2004), "HEIMAT" (2005), and more recently "Lost in Transition" (2007), “Case Study Homes” (2007) and “Paradise Now” (2009). His work has been exhibited in Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. He has won numerous awards including the prestigious World Press Photo Award in 2003 for his work about Asian Megacities and again in 2010 for his “Paradise Now” series. He also received the prestigious Otto Steinert Award in Germany in 2005. Other honors include being a member of the World Press Photo jury in 2007 and 2009 and a member of the Jury of the Fuji European Press awards in 2001 and 2002.

In 1999-2000 Peter Bialobrzeski served as a visiting professor for Documentary Photography at the University of Essen, in Germany. In 2002 he was appointed Professor of Photography at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany. Furthermore, he has taught numerous photography workshops around the world. As a critic, he regularly writes for “Photo News“ and “Freelens Magazin“.

He is represented by Laurence Miller Gallery in New York, LA Galerie in Frankfurt, Robert Morat Gallery in Hamburg, and m97 Gallery in Shanghai.

彼得· 比阿罗贝泽斯基在没有成为职业摄影师之前是在家乡德国沃尔夫斯堡的一家当地报社学习过政治和社会学。他在游历过整个亚洲之后,又回到德国埃森和英国伦敦的大学学习摄影与编辑设计。彼得从事摄影记者长达15年后,他的作品遍及全球。现在他把重心更多地放在了他的个人项目上。彼得认为他自己的作品既不是记录性图片也不是艺术,在他认为他的作品是对文化的诠释。在过去的十年当中,他发表了六篇有关他自己作品的专题论文,其中包括《神圣的XXX》(2000), 《霓虹老虎》(2004),《HEIMAT》(2005),更多的是最近有关《在转变中迷失》(2007)《房屋学习案件》(2007)以及《天堂时间》(2009)。他的作品已经在欧洲、美国、亚洲、澳大利亚以及新西兰展出,并且赢得了包括2003年的世界新闻摄影大赛等无数褒奖。其中他的代表作是《亚洲都市》和2010年最新的《在转变中迷失》系列。彼得曾担当2001年和200年“欧洲富士摄影大赛“和2007年“世界新闻摄影大赛“的评委。2009年彼得荣誉担当了埃森大学的摄影年鉴的客座教授。2002年又被提名为布莱梅艺术大学的摄影教授。此外,他还莅临指导过全世界无数的摄影研讨会。作为一个评论家,彼得一直为《图片新闻》和《自由杂志》撰稿。

他现在由纽约的Laurence Miller画廊,法兰克福的LA画廊,汉堡的Robert Morat画廊和上海的m97画廊。

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