ShanghArt Gallery will hold the exhibition A Pile of Passion from February 28 to March 20\, 2 011. Participating artists include\, MadeIn Company\, Shi Yong\, Xiang Liqi ng\, Yang Zhenzhong\, Shi Qing\, Zhang Ding\, Zhang Qing\, etc\, who will w arm this cold beginning of Chinese New Year.


This gathering is composed of real and fictional\, calm a nd animated\, complex and subtle forms\, all related by a feeling of passio n\, presenting a view on artists’ working process\, a fragment of their cre ations. This art invitation is embodied into a poem on happiness and illusi on\, a colorful game on pressure liberation\, a proletarian plant and bird installation\, a traveler from cyber ruins\, a naked bullfighter\, even a f atal virus\, all these thoughts spread out from the artists’ mind passing t hrough their studios to arrive the show. Let’s forget for a moment Jean-Pau l Sartre statement “Man is a useless passion”\, we are still a pile\, fille d with passion to be exteriorized.

LOCATION:ShanghART Gallery (main gallery)\,50 Moganshan Rd.\, Bldg 16 \nSha nghai\, 200060 China SUMMARY:A Pile of Passion\, MadeIn Company\, Zhang Ding\, Xiang Liqing\, Sh i Qing\, Zhang Qing\, Shi Yong\, Yang Zhenzhong END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR