An exhibition showcasing the development and unique characteristics of ink art in Hong Kong opened on July 16 in Shanghai.

The "Legacy and Crea tions - Ink Art vs Ink Art" exhibition features 46 outstanding works by Hon g Kong's talented ink art practitioners.

The exhibition at the Shangha i Art Museum\, which runs until August 9\, is jointly presented by the Lei sure and Cultural Services Department and the Shanghai Art Museum as a maj or HKSAR cultural programme for Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Shanghai Expo).

With 46 works on display\, each by a different Hong Kong artist\, the exhibition displays the characteristics and achievements of new ink art in Hong Kong. It also aims to encourage cultural exchange among ink artists from Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Officiating at the opening ceremony\, the Sec retary for Home Affairs\, Mr Tsang Tak-sing\, said the exhibition was an u nprecedented visual art exhibition by Hong Kong on the Mainland in terms o f the scale and the large number of participating artists. It is also the largest cultural exchange programme in the visual art sector since the re- unification of Hong Kong with the Mainland\, marking a  milestone in cultu ral exchange and cooperation between Shanghai and Hong Kong.

"The exhibition n ot only serves as a review of the development of this art form in Hong Kon g\, but also shows the creativity\, spirit of inquiry and innovation of Ho ng Kong artists\," Mr Tsang said.

Ink art is a unique Chinese art for m with a long history. During more than 1\,000 years of transformation and evolution\, ink art has become a fusion of the spirit and accomplishment of different schools and masters past and present.

Through artistic inn ovations ink art has transcended time and borders and plays a vital role i n displaying the diversity and identity of Chinese art with international horizons.

Ink art took root in Hong Kong in the early 20th century. Si nce then\, painters have branched out from the traditional approach to dev elop their own distinctive styles\, often based on new multimedia and digi tal techniques with global influences.

The "Legacy and Creations - Ink Art vs Ink Art" exhibition is organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and sponsored by Sino Group.

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