ICI announces Fall 2012 Curatorial Intensive: Curating Beyond Exhibition Making

401 Broadway, Suite 1620
New York, NY 10013
P 212.254.8200

Application deadline: August 10, 2012


This fall, Independent Curators International (ICI) is producing the Curatorial Intensive: Curating Beyond Exhibition Making, the first short course to offer training to curators on the concepts and logistics of organizing public events, workshops, and other discursive program formats. Topics under discussion will include new formats for durational pedagogical projects and the production of events and curatorial publications, as well as more traditional museum education models. Central to all sessions will be discussions discerning audience and publics, and the consideration of time and space in relation to programming.

Recognizing there are few opportunities for professionals to receive practical training and guidance while also working, the Curatorial Intensive is targeted toward self-motivated individuals—working independently or in institutions—who would benefit from a week of intensive conversations around issues and questions that arise for curators. These range from the pragmatics of developing a program and building working relationships with artists, to the theoretical aspects of understanding how to turn a concept into a project and effectively communicate ideas.

Application guidelines
Visit ICI's website to apply for the Curatorial Intensive online. All applications must include a 300-word description of a program idea that the applicant would like help in developing. This description should outline the proposal concept and any artists that the applicant is considering. Also required are a current resume, a 500-word letter of intent, and a 300-word text that describes a recent curatorial project that has made an impact on the applicant. 

Participants are responsible for covering travel and accommodation expenses. Scholarship packages that subsidize or eliminate the program fees, accommodation, and travel expenses are available and awarded based on merit. Scholarships for Turkish nationals will be supported by SAHA.

For more information, visit ICI's website or contact Public Programs Manager Chelsea Haines at