Art submission for iBook Publication

Susan Babbel

San Jose, CA 95126
ph: 408-472-1607

Deadline: May 5, 2012

I am a Creative Arts major at San Jose State University working on my Senior Project (student ID 000286170).  I am publishing an iBook that answers 3 simple questions about creativity.  This book would highlight your answers, next to your art work.  The answers to each question may be as short as you like, or as long as you like.  An example of your art in jpeg format must be included. 

The finished product will be available through the iBookstore for purchase, with all information being sent to you upon completion of the book (Deadline May 5, 2012). 

Submissions may be sent to


Question 1: What is your inspiration?

Question 2: What is unique about your creative process?

Question 3: What keeps you going as an artist?

The jpeg should include Last Name, First Name, Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions.


I do hereby give Susan Babbel the right to use my:
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___  Published project
for reproduction in an iBook, to be marketed through iBookstore.

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