2012 International Art Competition

The Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association has organized one of Asia’s top art contests, the International Art Competition (I.A.C.), since 2011. The organizer is now combining I.A.C. together with Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.), the most important platform of art exchange in Taiwan, to promote individual artists to the international market. The combined power of both of these unrivaled art outlets will result in more opportunities of sponsorship, exhibition and sale. For more details regarding the I.A.C. and A.R.T., please refer to the official website at


1. Entry Deadline: August 31, 2011


2. Organizer: Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association


3. Co-organizer: X-Power Gallery


4. Eligibility: Open to all artists over 18 years old


5. Requirements

a. Submitted artworks must be related to “My Art, My Solo Show”, the Theme and original spirits of A.R.T. 2012. Please check for more details.

b. Open to all 2D artworks created with Oil or Acrylic and completed NO EARLIER than June 2010.

c. Dimension: 120 cm (Maximum Width) × 180 cm (Maximum Length/Height)

d. Sale Price: All submitted artworks must be for SALE. Sale price of each artwork should not exceed US$ 10,000.00.

e. Maximum Entry: Each artist may submit UP to TWO JPEG or TIFF Images for consideration.


6. Submission

a. Please download the entry form from and complete it.

b. Requirements for digital image:

(i) Acceptable files: JPG or TIFF

(ii) Image must be fine quality with 300 dpi

(iii) The shortest dimension should be over or equal to 19cm (≧19cm) The longest dimension should be less or equal to 29cm (≦29cm)

(iv) File Size - no less than 5 MB; One JPG or TIFF Image per entry

(v) Please save the file name of JPG or TIFF by lowercase letters in the following format: Last Name_First Name_Artwork No.jpg. (e.g. lee_bess_1.jpg)

c. Email completed entry form along with JPG or TIFF images to by August 31, 2011.