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Conspiracies and Shadow Plays

by Joel Kuennen
This past Wednesday, Zachary Kaplan curated a look at popular reactions to 9/11 at the fundamental Golden Age space in West Loop in a five-day exhibition run that ended on Sunday. Golden Age is mainly an artist-book store with unique and small edition prints from local artists. I arrived early to a small room and the curator and I began to chat about the significance of such a, well, significant event.  I already felt at ease in this intimate setting. Along with the gallerist, we recalled where we were on that day, our immediate reactions and the like. There was a certain malaise to the retelling.... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 8/2/10

Beach Culture

by Erik Wenzel
Golden Age was established in 2007 by Martine Syms and Marco Kane Braunschweiler as a, “statement about an alternative mode of making and selling art; that it can be straightforward, accessible, and moderately priced.” In addition to being a shop where one can find an assortment of goods produced by artists such as publications, music, videos and clothes, Golden Age stages art installations. What I found most interesting about Megan Plunkett’s “I Don’t Care About the Rest of the Year” is that it is the one thing in the space that doesn’t readily announce itself as art.The carefully placed books... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 7/20/09