Cornelia Arts Building

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Cornelia Arts Building
1800 W. Cornelia
Chicago, IL 60657
Venue Type: Alternative Space
October 6th - October 6th
Cornelia Arts Buillding October Open House 2017
Nelson W Armour, Michael Benz, Doug Birkenheuer, Sarah Boyle, Sally Brandl, Judith Brotman, Jeanne L. Carava, KATHERINE DRAKE CHIAL, Pia Cruzalegui, Gary D., Marco Fleseri, Friends of the Arts, Doug Frohman, Paula Frohman, Josh Garber, Antonia Gurkovska, Phillip Hartigan, Shirly Hudson, Beth Kamhi, John Otto Kuhlmann, RICHARD LANGE, Lisa Larson, JUDY LICHTENSTEIN, Lindsey Liss, Jaclyn Mednicov, Jason Messinger, Matt Nichols, Lily Niederpruem, Cody Norman, The Arts Palette, James Parenti, BAHAR PARTOW, Madeleine Philbin, diane ponder, Melissa Porter, Alyson Poston, Susan Redeker, PAM ROBINSON, Randi Russo, Marianne Scanlon, Jordan Scott, Madeline Shea, Susanne Siegal, Jennifer Small, Tiphanie Spencer, Eric Steele, Scott Stevens, Michelle Stone, Sandy Stranz, Tiffany Stronsky, Bryan Sundquist, Kevin Swallow, Sharon Swidler, Fraser Taylor, Frances Temchin, Teri Tito, Alexander von Agoston, Eileen Walsh, Kathy Weaver, ERIC WEINSTEIN, Karla Wheeler, Joey Wozniak, Judy Zeddies

An artists' studio building since 1986, the Cornelia Arts Building provides space to over 40 local artists whose work spans disciplines including painting and drawing, sculpture, photography, print-making, jewelry design and more.

Building-wide open studio events occur each October (for Chicago Artists Month) and various events and open houses are coordinated throughout the year.

The Cornelia Arts Building has provided space for working artists from Chicago, across the US, and abroad to develop their work since 1986. Located in the Ravenswood/Roscoe Village neighborhoods, the building has had a vibrant history. Built in 1910 as an ice blockhouse manufacturing company, the portion that jets out from the building on the south side were stables - ice was delivered by horse-drawn carriage.

Somewhere between that time and the 1970’s it became a clay factory (and a major supplier for Lillstreet Studios), the building also manufactured airplane parts, and was a pipe bending operation before it was converted to artist loft spaces in 1986.

In 1987, the first neighborhoood "art walk" was held. In 1988, Friends Of The Arts (, a not-for-profit arts support group specializing in emerging art & artists, was established and located in the Cornelia Arts Building.