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Ian Mclaughlin at LivingRoom Gallery (Claire Haasl, Chicago Art Magazine)

by Claire Haasl Ian McLaughlin at LivingRoom Gallery The LivingRoom Gallery in East Village sounds like it might be the kind of place where one might plop down on a comfy sofa and casually discuss the meaning of art while sipping a glass of red wine.  Instead, it is your typical white-walled gallery space filled with friends catching up on this and that over homemade cookies, unique beers and Ian McLaughlin’s Synesthesia for the Times.  With cookie and not-your-ordinary brew in... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 5/22/10

Review: Alysia Kaplan/Living Room Gallery (Michael Weinstein, Newcity Art)

Review: Alysia Kaplan/Living Room Gallery RECOMMENDED Fascinated by the “experience” contained in homes of the past, Alysia Kaplan seeks “points of entry” by making wall sculptures of ornate doorknobs, old-fashioned keys and a fancy doormat. She paints her works in the same fresh white color as the wall, places them on it symmetrically with a door knob and keys at each end, and the doormat between them at the bottom. To complete her installation, Kaplan has placed on top, above... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 3/22/10

No empty walls at LivingRoom Realty (Lauren Viera, Chicago Tribune)

How much attention do you pay to the art hung in your doctor's office? If your doctor's office is anything like mine, the works are probably purchased in bulk from a single artist, someone unlikely to be exhibited in River North or even in some of the most commercial galleries on Michigan Avenue. It's a safe bet that she or he is repped by some major conglomerate as opposed to a local dealer, and, visually, it's probably pretty vague — uncomplicated, easy on your peripheral vision as... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 2/19/10

Artist: Unemployed at LivingRoom Gallery (Candace Weber, Chicago Art Magazine)

Shawnee Barton "I need to get a job, so that I can get a 401(k), so that I can have a peaceful retirement full of all the things I want and love" In the Great Recession of 2009, real estate brokers turn to curating and artists to making art about being unemployed. Shawnee Barton’s current show at LivingRoom Gallery, “Artist: Unemployed,” puts a 21st century spin on the myth of the starving artist, advocating cheap therapy via photo booths and offering job-hunting advice through fortune... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 11/23/09

Portrait of the Artist: Shawnee Barton (Steve Ruiz, Newcity Art)

"What Color is my Parachute?" photo by James Prinz Like many Americans, Shawnee Barton is closing out 2009 without a day job. As an artist, however, her loss of a regular paycheck also meant becoming a full-time art-maker. As welcome as that is, the change presents plenty of problems: with more time to work and fewer resources to make work with, the nature and function of her art-making has had to adapt. In her latest show, “Artist: Unemployed,” Barton addresses the private economics of... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 11/30/09

Interview: Shawnee Barton (Steve Ruiz, Chicago Art Review)

I recently interviewed artist Shawnee Barton for a short profile piece @ Newcity. Here’s the whole interview here. Shawnee Barton, What Color Is My Parachute? Lets talk about your new show Artist: Unemployed at LivingRoom Gallery, which addresses your experience as an artist during the current recession. How has the function of your practice changed since day jobs started disappearing? On a practical level the recession has helped my practice.  Because I can’t find employment, I... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 12/1/09

Ever Epic at LivingRoom Gallery (Madeleine Bailey, Chicago Art Magazine)

In Ever Epic, Tanya Hastings Gill invites us into a quiet installation at the Living Room Gallery with fragile drawings that just distinguish themselves from the whiteness of its walls. Resting in an amorphous fairy tale, attention to pattern and line speak to the collision of the natural and the manmade in these representational paper sculptures. "ever epic" Rather than illustrating a story, these pieces seem to hint at moments just beyond our reach.  Safely tucked in the nook of... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 10/4/09

Rosemary Lee/LivingRoom Gallery (Justin Natale, Newcity Art)

A small real estate brokerage in Wicker Park is an apropos venue for Rosemary Lee’s solo exhibition, “It happens that the stage sets break down.” The versatile office-as-gallery context thematically contributes to the installation of drawings and pliable sculptures, whether or not intentionally. The common element shared by “It happens that the stage sets break down” and Living Room Gallery? Ambiguity. Like the venue itself, Lee’s work combines to present the viewer with elements of a... [more]
Posted by LivingRoom Gallery (LRG) on 7/27/09

Emerging Chicago Photography

by Thea Liberty Nichols
Philip Dembinski, a photographer with a degree from Columbia College, is featured at LivingRoom Gallery in his first solo exhibition with selections from two photographic series, and Along The Boulevards. Dembinski’s Nothing Just Happens series consists of large-scale color photographs depicting singular figures in domestic interiors. This all female cast of characters exude a pathos akin to Edward Hopper’s paintings and etchings and select Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s photographs (such as Bret... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 11/10/08