Calles y Sueños

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Calles y Sueños
1900 South Carpenter
Chicago, IL 60608
Venue Type: Alternative Space

La Casa de Arte y Cultura "Calles y Sueños"-Chicago is a community of Chicago artists and cultural activists who work to provide an alternative arts space for exhibition, the performing arts, music, film and cultural workshops for the Latino community. As a Latino Internationalist community, we work to sustain collaboration, dialogue, cultural exchange and connection of the diverse Latino community in Chicago to La Casa de Arte y Cultural-Calles y Sueños, Juchitan- Oaxaca, Mexico. We build bridges to our motherland to nurture a new creativity and understanding.

Our Vision
La Casa de Arte y Cultura Calles y Sueños- Chicago is powerful in expressing its unique artistic voice. An intercultural and internationalist Arts community that is inextricably connected to its history of cultural/political liberation; this living history is a positive force for progressive cultural change and self –determination.

We weave our identity by involving an intergenerational community in the work of collaboratively sewing together the pieces of our historical legacy into an organic and living quilt of cultural transformation.