Peanut Gallery

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Peanut Gallery
1000 N. California Ave.
Chicago, Illinois
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Tues. 7-11pm, Wed. 7-11pm, Sat. 2-6pm & Sun. 2-8pm. Other hours by appt.

Peanut Gallery is a space for creative collaboration, experimentation, exhibition and good, old-fashioned mingling. Inspired by French Salons, Peanut Gallery hosts a weekly open house which we call “Art Night” (on Tuesday nights), and people come to draw, brainstorm, jam, drink, etc… with other artistically-inclined Chicagoans. We also put on more traditional, monthly exhibitions of work by local artists, which open every second Sunday of the month. Our goal is to connect creative people with one another and nurture a vibrant, inclusive community of artists and intellectuals. We believe that 10 minds are greater than one, and collaboration/communication/cooperation is the basis for progress.