The Robert Wayner / Black Walnut Gallery

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The Robert Wayner / Black Walnut Gallery
220 N. Aberdeen St.
Chicago, IL 60607
Venue Type: Gallery

Open hours
Wed-Sat: 12-7pm

Robert Wayner/Black Walnut Gallery is a modern art gallery located in the Fulton Market Gallery
District in Chicago's West Loop. It specializes in handcrafted modern furniture, sculpture, and
artwork designed and produced by Robert Wayner as well as other notable Chicago designers and
artists. Robert Wayner/Black Walnut Gallery is an eco-friendly "green" gallery. Virtually all of the
furniture and sculpture is constructed of wood that fell naturally ( ie: wind erosion, water erosion, or
lighting strikes).

Juried art exhibits, featuring the work of Midwestern artists, are held every month on the walls of
Robert Wayner/Black Walnut Gallery. However, the gallery has also displayed artwork from artists
throughout the world. In November 2006, Robert Wayner/Black Walnut Gallery was the chosen venue
for the first solo exhibition of esteemed Russian surrealist artist Agatha Belaya. In July-August of
2007, Robert Wayner curated the highly publicized Tolerance of Belief exhibit, which showcased the
artwork of 12 Muslim and Jewish artists from around the world. As of June of 2008, Tolerance of
Belief is still running, being displayed in other art galleries in Chicago.