Gallery 400

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Gallery 400
UIC College of Architecture and Art
400 S. Peoria Street (Art and Design Hall, First Floor)
60607 Chicago

Venue Type: Gallery
November 1st - December 15th
Chicago New Media 1973-1992
Craig Ahmer, Dick Ainswoth, Josephine Anstey, Anna Anthropy, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbitt), Bally, Annette Barbier, Geoffrey Allen Baum, Nancy Bechtol, Natalie Bookchin, Nick Britz, Rachel Bronson, Barry Brosch, Drew Browning, Lief Brush, Charlie Chaplin, Glen Charvat, Carolina Cruz-Neira, Jan Heyn Cubacub, Jeffery Daniels, Sumit Das, Greg Dawl, Tom DeFanti, Chip Dodsworth, Margaret Dolinsky, Cardboard Computer (Jake Elliott, Jamie Fenton, George Francis, Janine Fron, Jackbox Games, Petra Gemeinboeck, Azadeh Gholizadeh, Copper Giloth, Marientina Gotsis, Rylin Harris, John Hart, Chris Hartman, Alex Hill, Louis Kauffman, Chris Kemp, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, Ya Lu Lin, Josephine Lipuma, Doug Lofstrom, Sara Ludy, Richard Mandeberg, Todd Margolis, Stephan Meyers, Midway, Keith Miller, Phil Morton, Dan Neveu, Rick Panzer, Dave Pape, Beth Cerny PatiƱo, Stu Pettigrew, Dana Plepys, Tim Portlock, Sabrina Raaf, Sticks Raboin, William Robertson, Jason Salavon, Dan Sandin, Ellen Sandor, Richard Sayre, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Mimi Shevitz, Brenda Lopez Silva, Bob Snyder, Laurie Speigel, Essanay Studio, Barbara Sykes, Jim Teister, Gunether Tetz, Diana Torres, Joseph Tremonti, John Tsui, Jane Veeder, Siebren Versteeg Williams, Raul Zaritsky
Open hours
Tues-Fri 10-6; Sat 12-6; by appointment
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Gallery 400, a not-for-profit arts exhibition space at the University of Illinois at Chicago, was founded in 1983 to exhibit and support art, design and architecture. Over its 26 year history Gallery 400 has grown into a nationally recognized gallery that presents consistently acclaimed exhibitions, lectures, and artist commissions. The exhibitions and programs present a broad range of recent developments and aesthetic concerns and have included more than 1,000 artists to date.

Gallery 400 regularly exhibits new work by Illinois artists. In group exhibitions Gallery 400 often premieres new works by local and national artists together. Recent examples include I am Eyebeam (2007) and This Shadow is a Bit of Ideology (2008). Significant exhibitions from Gallery 400’s history include fag-o-sites (1995) including 30 artists exploring queer issues; and Hello Mr. Soul (2000), which evocatively explored men and aging. The Gallery regularly presents one-person shows of works not easily seen in the Chicago area. For example, 2003’s Rubén Ortiz-Torres: New Works premiered the sculptures, prints, and customized machines that explore the class and labor implications in US and Mexican cultural confrontation.

Voices Lecture Series
Gallery 400’s Voices lecture series is a premier forum in Chicago for discourse in the field of art and design practice. Significant artists, critics, designers and art historians discuss timely ideas and workingmethods. Voices extends the educational programs of the Gallery and UIC to provide the public at large direct contact with a diverse range of artistic practices and positions. Recent speakers include: Carlos Amorales (Mexico), Meg Cranston (CA), Maud Lavin (IL), Anne Wilson (IL), Olafur Eliasson (Iceland), Arturo Herrera (Germany), Jan Jagodzinski (Canada), Christine Kim (NY), Glenn Ligon (NY), Kori Newkirk (CA), Pepon Osorio (NY), Michael Rakowitz (IL), Steve Roden (CA), and Mark Wallinger (UK).

Throughout its history Gallery 400 has commissioned ground-breaking large-scale new works through residencies, comprising varied combinations of workshops for students, public lectures, the creation of large-scale new works, and collaborations between the artist, students, and partner community groups. Significant examples include Rirkrit Tiravanija’s 1996 In and Out; Byron Kim’s 1998 Deposit; and Siemon Allen’s House (2000). The most ambitious residency/commission to date was Edgar Arceneaux’s The Alchemy of Comedy…Stupid of 2006.

As a showcase for engaging art and architecture exhibitions, Gallery 400 is an essential complement to the academic programs of UIC’s College of Architecture and the Arts. Students from the College and from other University disciplines have the opportunity to interact closely with art and artists, engage diverse exhibition possibilities, and participate in current discourse surrounding contemporary art, architecture and design.