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In a New Collaborative Film, Sharon Lockhart Puts Teenage Girls in Charge of Their Own Image

by Alison Reilly
Through close collaboration with a group of teenage girls living at the Youth Center for Socio-Therapy in Rudzienko, Poland, Sharon Lockhart creates a striking portrait of the complexities of adolescence. The centerpiece of the artist’s latest exhibition, currently on view at The Arts Club of Chicago, is the 2016 work , a two-channel film installation featuring short scenes choreographed and performed by the young women from the Center. As both facilitator and documenter, Lockhart fosters a... [more]
Posted by Alison Reilly on 6/3/16

Dark Wave Disco

by Erik Wenzel
Filling the usually sunny and open main gallery of the Arts Club of Chicago is a continuous frieze of paintings. Hung edge-to-edge, and rising from the floor to above the heads of most viewers, this endless line of paintings results in the space becoming quite claustrophobic and imposing. Walls have been built to seamlessly cover the windows and close one of the entrances. This combined with the subdued artificial lighting, results in a tomblike atmosphere. In each painting, a repeated... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 5/16/11

Maya Lin's Conceptual Nature

by Marla Seidell
  With all due respect to it, conceptual art isn’t something I'm crazy about and that's why I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Maya Lin's exhibition at the Arts Club of Chicago, on view until April 23, 2010. Lin, an American artist and architect who explores landscape and geological phenomena, creates uncanny replicas of commonly known locations, such as Blue Lake Pass, wooden rock-like formations that recreate the Rocky Mountain pass. Although her art seems cool and impersonal upon... [more]
Posted by Marla Seidell on 3/15/10

A Voyage on the Gold Coast

by Erik Wenzel
Hidden away at Chicago’s most secretive major exhibition venue is an installation of some of Belgian conceptualist Marcel Broodthaers’ (1924-1976) most significant work. The exhibit at the Arts Club presents the much-discussed (1975) along with Plaque en plastiques, vacuum formed plastic pieces that mix Rene Magritte, way finding signs and pedagogical texts with bland results, and Tableau Bateau (1973) an excellent meditation on an amateur naval painting.Décor: A Conquest is a primary example... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 10/27/08

Hockney's Woldgate Woods

by Abraham Ritchie
You have a little less than three weeks to catch David Hockney’s “Looking at Woldgate Woods” exhibit at the Arts Club of Chicago. And haste is perhaps needed since this is currently the only scheduled exhibition in the U.S. of these paintings. The works themselves are of the titular Woldgate Woods in England, a forest that Hockney traveled to during spring, summer, fall and winter, recording the seasonal changes there. The canvases were executed en plein air in the woods. Technically... [more]
Posted by Abraham Ritchie on 6/30/08