Dubhe Carreno Gallery

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Dubhe Carreno Gallery
118 N. Peoria St., 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607
Venue Type: Gallery

Open hours
Tuesday- Friday 10:30 to 5:30 and Saturday 11: 00 to 5:00

Dubhe Carreño Gallery's primary focus is to contribute to the development of contemporary ceramic art through the exhibition of a diverse range of artists who deal with issues of contemporary relevance.

Dubhe Carreño Gallery explores the current state of ceramic art through exhibitions and events designed to promote national and international emerging and mid-career artists. The idea of having a venue strictly for artists working in the field of ceramics is not intended to alienate ceramics from the rest of the arts, but rather to concentrate energy into educating art audiences about the physical and conceptual versatility of today's ceramics. Dubhe Carreño Gallery's goal is to offer the city of Chicago a platform for presenting a new dynamic exemplified by the diversity of media and concept being explored by contemporary ceramic artists which reflects the ongoing growth and development within the field. Another objective is to promote artists who in many cases have transformed ceramics into a new genre by breaking deeply rooted conventions based on ceramics' past and its inevitable association with functionality and tradition, while remaining conscious of this history's inherent potential to inform current tendencies and preoccupations in art. Dubhe Carreño Gallery also aims to introduce international ceramic artists to the United States, thereby expanding their visibility and offering to the public a culturally diverse range of formal and conceptual languages.