4Art Inc.

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4Art Inc.
1029 W 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609
Venue Type: Gallery
Robin Rios
Open hours
Tues-Sat 10-6

The Chicago art scene is expansive, resourceful, and energetic and Robin Monique Rios, owner of 4Art Inc., is proud to be rooted in such a creative arena.  Over the past six years 4Art has exhibited a diversity of talented and dedicated artists.   Robin has created a rare opportunity for not only her artists but for art enthusiasts, by simply providing a foundation that creates a Connection, an Understanding and most importantly an Appreciation of art and for the artist who create.

 “I aspire to empower artists by providing support and professional development.  I feel strongly that artists should posses, at the very least, the fundamentals of business regarding the current art world. Artists also need support and guidance in the importance of developing a dialogue so that they can interact and communicate their art to the public.  As an artist myself, I also strive to promote a sense of community among artists as it is my strong opinion that success does not belong to just one.  In the coming years I hope to continue to foster this concept by organizing group collaborative projects, as well as organize traveling group shows that would grace art centers, galleries and museums across the globe.”

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