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Celebrating Paschke's People

by Abraham Ritchie
          Gagosian Gallery in New York City will be closing its exhibition “Ed Paschke” this weekend, but Chicago, the artist’s hometown, is fortunate to have two complementary Ed Paschke exhibitions run at least a week into May or longer.  “Ed Paschke’s Women” is the title of the respective exhibitions at Russell Bowman Art Advisory (RBAA) and Alan Koppel Gallery.  True to the title, the works on view at each gallery mostly feature Paschke’s female subjects, though not exclusively.  Both exhibitions feature work from almost all periods of Paschke’s career and rarely seen artwork borrowe... [more]
Posted by Abraham Ritchie on 4/19/10

Drawing Sculpture

by Victor M. Cassidy
        David Smith (1906-65) drew in space. Instead of carving or constructing volumetric sculptures, he assembled small metal shapes on the floor of his studio and arranged them to create linear forms with open centers. He then welded the metal elements together into free-standing sculptures. Because of his additive, collage-like creative process, Smith produced few preparatory drawings. His works on paper are independent creations that he considered just as important as his 3-D work. Smith’s drawings are a species of diary. Drawings preserved his ideas, even the most fleeting ones, at thei... [more]
Posted by Victor M. Cassidy on 12/14/09

Life and Art

by Sonja Srdanovic
      Personal histories and biographical information often add depth and interest to exhibitions.  Museums in particular are able to devote space, energy and research to providing historical and personal background information on both the artist as an individual, as well as the environment within which a particular artist is working. In the case of outsider art, where life and art are usually closely linked, there is a strong argument for the importance  of the biography of the artist as it very often significantly influences the work.   The Russell Bowman Art Advisory offers the public a ch... [more]
Posted by Sonja Srdanovic on 8/10/09