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Total Recall

by Robyn Farrell Roulo
An artist now plays many roles outside the traditional definition of their vocation.   As educators, interpreters, critics and activists they lend their voice to issues of concern, controversy and history, bringing intellectual and generational interests to the forefront of contemporary culture.    Roots and Culture’s current exhibition, "Instruments of Resurrection", includes work from artists who act in all of these roles, including artist-as-collector. I’m not referring to the type of... [more]
Posted by Robyn Farrell Roulo on 3/6/11

Forever Vegetal

by Dan Gunn
      Easily the weirdest show I've seen in sometime, “Forever Vegetal” pushes the limits of taste, and not necessarily tastefully so. The two-person exhibition of Edra Soto and Brian McNearney at Roots and Culture places two post-disciplinary artists in close proximity, ultimately highlighting their differences. Edra Soto's contribution is a wandering examination of her Hispanic heritage filtered through objects and images of Catholicism. The wide range of media and symbols doesn't... [more]
Posted by Dan Gunn on 12/21/09

Hanging with Paintings in Suspend

by Thea Liberty Nichols
      Not unlike Joseph E. Yoakum (also reviewed, exhibiting at Intuit), who made drawings of landscapes he had visited throughout his life, Michelle Bolinger’s circular, sketchily outlined shapes ring, line and stack her compositions. Based off landscapes and topography that the artist recreates in her studio using gumdrops and jellybeans, her whimsical cartography is then painted from these models in abstract, almost anthropomorphic ways. The brightly colored opacity of her rounded forms... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 1/19/09