Roots & Culture

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Roots & Culture
1034 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60622
Venue Type: Alternative Space
February 2nd - March 3rd
To Cradle a Kind Thought
Olive Stefanski
February 2nd - March 3rd
(Dis/Re)Membering the Empire
Liz Ensz, Ivan Lozano
Representing Artists
Eric May
Eric May
Open hours
Thu-Fri 4-7; Sat 12-6 or by appointment.

Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center is dedicated to nurturing interconnectedness within the contemporary art world by serving as a meeting place for both local and international arts communities. Showcasing works by emerging artists, the art space offers a nurturing and often pivotal moment in the careers of young artists to develop inventive practices. As a public space it hosts a range of artist-directed events that include exhibitions in the full spectrum of art media as well as community discussions, lectures, and social events. As such a theatre of possibilities, Roots & Culture strives to energize the city of Chicago’s profile as a destination of vigorous and significant artistic discourse

Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center is a multi-disciplinary arts organization which aims to provide a welcoming and supportive social space within the Chicago art community. Roots & Culture offers opportunity to emerging artists by means of dynamic and concurrent programming. By linking artists of different media and backgrounds, the goal is to harmoniously connect the local arts community to the international dialogue of contemporary art. Roots & Culture not only offers exhibition opportunities, but also allows artists to direct and curate programming, which simultaneously interacts with and shapes the community where it resides. Roots & Culture is going to change and develop the ways in which art is experienced and exhibited through progressive and innovative practices.