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The Subtle Perspective

As the title suggests, subtle contradictions frame Jin Lee's current show, The Near and the Far at the Devening Project Space. There is always the stark contrast of interior vs. exterior at Devening: the dilapidation of West Carroll that secrets the crisp clean whiteness of the gallery. Lee's photographs soften, yet continue this contrast, playing stark against serene, universality against specificity, and yes, near against the distant far. The works are immaculately installed in the solely... [more]
Posted by Georgina Ruff on 5/4/12

Alliances and Oppositions

by Erik Wenzel
The announcement introducing devening projects + editions’ “Kabinett” project (of which this is the fifth installment of seven) explains, “Each of the seven projects in this series will feature a select group of artists whose individual positions vary greatly, sometimes to the point of opposition.” Opposition is the case here, with the paintings of Andreas Fischer paired with the sculptural works of Melissa Pokorny. At the same time, these two bodies of work almost completely merge... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 3/14/11

The Heart and Soul of Nature

by Marla Seidell
On view until October 10, Julia Hechtman's "Irrationalism" photographs at Dan Devening Projects present an inverted view into the heart and soul of nature. The  crux of the exhibition are the six framed 31 x 39 photographs  (all 2009) displayed in the 450 square foot room with old maple floors at Devening.  The room is windowless which makes for a perfect gallery viewing, the large color photos against pristine white walls demand contemplation.Hechtman, who recently completed artist... [more]
Posted by Marla Seidell on 9/14/09

Blind Spot

by E-Slant Team
        Matthew Rich locates the work in his exhibition Blind Spot, between the color, surface and pictoriality of painting and the physicality of sculptural objects. Using complex compositional structures and assembly practices that make the building process transparent, his painted works on paper draw attention to materiality while contextually activating site and space. The work in Blind Spot is also concerned with the idea that perceptual clarity in a visual structure can be an elusive... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 2/23/09