Liz Long Gallery: The Urban Art Retreat

Venue  |  Exhibitions
Liz Long Gallery: The Urban Art Retreat
1957 S. Spaulding Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60623
Venue Type: Gallery
Representing Artists
James V. Allen, Steven Barrett
Diana C. Long
Open hours
11 a.m-4 p.m. Saturdays or by appointment
(773) 542-9126

The Liz Long Gallery is a steppingstone gallery for artists newly exhibiting and emerging artists. Artists with extensive resumes and lots of exhibiting experience show with the emerging artists. This makes for a well rounded show of works in different media, different styles, and different skill levels. Artists featured are from both the Chicagoland area and from other states.
Any sales made through the Liz Long Gallery support URBAN ART RETREAT's  overhead costs. The Liz Long Gallery is a space for people who make art in UAR programs to show their art. The gallery also acts as a gallery for theme shows which depict art by under represented people. Some of the themes over the years have included Survivors of Trauma, Outsider Artists, Women of Color, Housewives & Feminism, Lesbian Art, People of Color Artists, Artists with Disabilities, Children’s Art, Chicago Artists, and more.
Many artists face rejection, lack of interest in their art, ignorance of what “hoops” they must “jump through” in order to make it as an artist. Given all this, the rate of artists dropping out and quitting art is high. The Liz Long Gallery was formed so new artists could gain information on what is expected of them as artists, how to find places to exhibit their art, and literally- a place to showcase artists. The gallery understands what new and emerging artists go through and offers to help them navigate their way within a supportive environment.