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Watchlist Artist: Deana Lawson

“Yessssss!!!" Queen Mother's wails have always struck a chord in me, it's one of the most primal calls. - An expression to receive, to open oneself up completely. - From Deana Lawson’s journal entry, June 12, 2011 “To open oneself up completely” captures the attitude of the subjects of Deana Lawson’s photographs in Mother Tongue, her first solo exhibition at Rhona Hoffman Gallery. A dancer poses nude, her body cutting a diagonal through a Jamaican living room (Otisha), a couple embraces on... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/9/14

The Process is Mechanical and Should Not Be Tampered With

by Erik Wenzel
          This exhibition is classic LeWitt. Consisting of massive wall pieces, a sculpture and two gouaches, the show functions as a concise look at LeWitt’s output. Entering the gallery from the street, the first piece encountered is Wall Drawing #469, 1986, a grid of four rectangles filled with arcs of primary colors. Beyond it, the main gallery is filled with eight more wall drawings, all variations on a “tilted form” and stretching from floor to ceiling. In a... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 4/26/10

Richard Rezac

by Dan Gunn
        Richard Rezac’s new show of relief and floor sculptures at Rhona Hoffman Gallery finds him in his familiar and refined territory. Little here is about gesture, with his favored materials of bronze, aluminum, painted cherrywood and hydrocal deployed within his regular, if unconventional, forms. This stands in stark contrast to many other contemporary artists that emphasize the act of assembling as a sign of agency, Jim Lambie and Rachel Harrison come to mind. Mr. Rezac however is... [more]
Posted by Dan Gunn on 2/1/10

Luis Gispert: Kind of American

by Dan Gunn
        Luis Gispert’s exhibition “You’re my favorite kind of American” on view at Rhona Hoffman Gallery until October 17th is dominated by an intriguing video installation titled “Rene”. Split between three wall sized screens the video chronicles the daily activities of a workingman. The older middle-aged gentleman lives and works in a derelict restaurant supply shop. The camera zooms in on his weathered hands as he turns over the equipment searching for the correct fix. The video... [more]
Posted by Dan Gunn on 9/21/09

Abstraction Everyday

by Erik Wenzel
"Angles in America" is a group exhibition curated by Terry R. Myers at Rhona Hoffman that brings together American artists of various generations working with abstraction in serious but also playful ways that relate to the everyday. Simple enough a premise, perhaps a little too simple? It is a concept that is in fact risky because it could result in a banal and common show with a dull theme. It is the art, really, that makes an exhibition work or not. The pieces on view here do indeed engage... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 9/15/08