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From the Air of Now

by Mia DiMeo
            “Sit down, this may take a while,” warns a small string of words on YOU CAN'T FALL OFF THE FLOOR, a 14-foot long installation work that lends its title to Lora Fosberg’s third solo show at the Linda Warren Gallery. It can be difficult to “read” art in a gallery for more than few minutes, too many words with too much content can drown the visual impact of a piece of art. But Fosberg’s text-heavy collage pieces are an exception. More organized than chaotic, they maintain a... [more]
Posted by Mia DiMeo on 8/16/10

May Flowers

by Abraham Ritchie
Mariano Chavez's exhibit at Linda Warran Gallery is at once bracing and classical, which is something of an achievement considering a well-known porn star features prominently. Chavez's , on display until the 20th of June, features large oil paintings, silk screens and his popular posters created for rock shows.     The initial painting of the show is First Date (2008, shown above) which depicts two groups of nederthals meeting, remeniscent of Stanley Kubrick's 2001. The... [more]
Posted by Abraham Ritchie on 6/7/08