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By: Amy Haddad Heidi Norton. “The Plight (feeding Systems).” Image courtesy of LVL3. Visitors attending the “Germination” exhibition at LVL3, a gallery in Chicago, should expect to be surprised by the connections the show offers. The title brings to mind seeds growing into plants. But the visitor cannot help thinking how the term germination has expanded after seeing an amalgamation of works created by Heidi Norton, Derrick Piens and Timothy Bergstrom. Although most of the fourteen pieces... [more]
Posted by Amy Haddad on 10/27/15

Making an Impression

by Stephanie Cristello
What does it mean to visibly leave an impression on someone else? currently on view at LVL3, begs the question with an exhibition that focuses on the collaborations of sixteen artists, each paired with another, to realize a piece. The concept of the show is not all that radical – loose, and arbitrary at best  – but despite itself, the eight pieces within the exhibition present certain relationships within the works that would otherwise go unnoticed in such a large group setting. One of the... [more]
Posted by Stephanie Cristello on 7/13/13

Actual Presence Suggested

by Steve Ruiz
The separation of image and content is a fundamental tenet of contemporary art, illustrated with work as various as illusionistic trompe l’oeil painting, architectural ornamentation, and the annual harvest of anodized bananas produced by art students across the country. Artists have had at least fifty years to take advantage of the no-touching rule in the gallery or museum space, using a good fake to drive conversations on representative ethics, material use, institutional barriers, and art... [more]
Posted by Steve Ruiz on 8/29/11

No Joke for Kathryn Hixson

by Mia DiMeo
Chicago art critic, teacher, and mentor Kathryn Hixson was writing her dissertation on comedic aggression in art of the 1970s when she died suddenly in November of last year. As a student in what was her last contemporary art criticism class, I can vouch for the fact that her sharp tongue, quick wit, and infectious energy will be missed. What I appreciated most of all about Kathryn is that—as serious as she was about art in both writing and life—she wouldn’t have thought twice about bouncing on... [more]
Posted by Mia DiMeo on 4/4/11

12 Galleries' Registers at LVL3

by Erik Wenzel
          For a show curated by three people, Andrew Blackley, Stephanie Burke and Steve Ruiz,  this exhibition surprisingly fits together quite well. “Registers” is hosted at LVL3 Gallery and is the fourth in a series of quarterly exhibitions organized by Twelve Galleries Project. Twelve Galleries is an essentially anonymous endeavor only ever referred to as the “Twelve Galleries Project.” The project began with a series of exhibitions, one each month, for a year, installed in a new... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 10/11/10