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Post-Smithson Indeed

by Joel Kuennen
Tucked behind a duplex and overlooking a cornered courtyard is the West Town apartment gallery, Noble & Superior Projects. This month, they are presenting a show entitled "Post-Smithson," a parodic and periodic study by artists Isabelle Gougenheim, Emily Irvine, and Emilie Crewe.   Before the "post," there was Smithson. Robert Smithson is best known for his earthworks: monumental testaments to the human hand as well as the overwhelming entropy of time. In his essay “A Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Projects” written for Artforum in 1968, Smithson called it “abstract geology:”   “One's mi... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 4/4/11

An Apartment Gallery Looking at the Practices and Functions of Apartment Galleries

by Thea Liberty Nichols
This chiefly photographic group show that opened over the weekend at Noble & Superior Projects features work by Eric Fleischauer, Joseph Grigely, Jason Lazarus and an anonymous artist who rather appropriately contributes two ransom note-style collages on cardboard. Despite the self-reflexive sounding meta-title, the show thoughtfully examines the relationship between artist and audience specifically, and between making and viewing generally, in several complex but accessible ways. Eric Fleischauer. Universal Paramount. Digital image, archival inkjet print, 2010. Image courtesy... [more]
Posted by Thea Liberty Nichols on 11/15/10