we speak the way we breathe

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Untitled, 2010 Acrylic On Canvas 30" X 40" © PEREGRINEPROGRAM
we speak the way we breathe

3311 W Carroll Ave. #119
Chicago, IL 60624
March 5th, 2010 - April 2nd, 2010
Opening: March 5th, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Saturdays and Sundays 1-4 p.m. and by appointment


we speak the way we breathe

The word 'aspire' has two meanings: to have a noble desire or ambition; and to rise aloft.  The one
needs no introduction.  The other is less familiar, but connected to the first.  Every aspiration
describes a path between two points -- the point of origin, and the point of no return.  And every
aspiration implies that one point is escapable, and the other possible. 

An aspiration is a desire to achieve something high or great, as well as the object of such a desire. 
But within the discipline of phonetics, the word 'aspiration' takes on a third meaning.  Here it refers to
the audible breath that accompanies speech.  This meaning is connected to another: the act of
breathing itself, which is repetitive, always circling back to where it began.

In one sense then, to aspire is to move up and away from where one is towards some place 'higher',
where one is not.  But in another, to aspire is always to return to where one began.

The paintings presented here are clearly aspirational, but in what sense?  Towards what point do
they aim?  From what point do they originate?  And to what point do they return?

Steven Husby was born in Huron, South Dakota.  He is a painter, writer, and amateur philosopher
who has lived and worked in Chicago, Illinois since 2001.

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PEREGRINEPROGRAM presents Steven Husby's 'we speak the way we breathe' from March 5 to 
April 2, 2010.
An opening reception will be held Friday, March 5, from 6-9 p.m.