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Curated by: Jessica Cochran

7900 West Division St
4th Floor
River Forest, IL 60305
November 4th, 2009 - December 13th, 2009

Other (outside main areas)
Dominican University


River Forest, IL- The O’Connor Art Gallery at Dominican University is pleased to announce Site-Unspecific, a group exhibition featuring recent works by Chicago-based artists including Mara Baker, Heather Mekkelson, Adam Farcus, Rafael E. Vera, Brian Yates and Heidi Norton.   Site Unspecific is a group exhibition of works that, in the tradition of site specificity as investigation, productively explore the idea of site as a conceptual and discursive field of multiple histories, narratives, structures and subjectivities.  The works in this exhibition, however, privilege imagined evidence, appropriated objects and intuitive gestures over empirical facts or accepted truths.


Heather Mekkelson will present Debris Field, a large‐scale installation that isolates objects in a series of aesthetic decisions are driven largely by memories of lived experiences.  Adopting a kind of disasteraesthetic, these installations suggest myriad narratives, and they prompt multiple readings.  With a si-milar approach that straddles the empirical and imagined, Mara Baker’s colored mixed media drawings begin with representations of infrastructure that quickly evaporate into intuitive patches of color and abstraction. Rafael E. Vera will present a series of drawings and prints that focus on his own front porch.  Intensely personal studies, they explore the home as domestic space, studio and window to the world.  Brian Yates’ found object sculptures reveal the power of temporality and affect in the experience of places, as each sculpture is made of objects found from different sites over a period of time.  The resulting sculpture becomes like a collage of sites, linked by experience, emotion and a series of decisions.  Adam Farcus will show a large ceiling installation of photocopied representations of the night sky, and photographs by Heidi Norton depict aesthetic interventions as investigation into specific sites.

-Jessica Cochran