Partisan 2009

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Partisan 2009 Installation, Drumbeat Acrylic On Canvas 65 X 82" © Courtesy Linda Warren Gallery
Partisan 2009 Installation , Horn Acrylic On Canvas 76 X 76" © Courtesy of Linda Warren Gallery
Partisan 2009 Installation © Courtesy of Linda Warren Gallery
Partisan 2009 Installation
Partisan 2009
Curated by: Mary Jane Jacob

Merchandise Mart
Chicago, IL
May 1st, 2009 - May 4th, 2009

Michigan Ave/Downtown



A special exhibition of works that explore social and political ideas.

Selected from Art Chicago and NEXT galleries by guest curator Mary Jane Jacob, independent curator and director of exhibitions at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Partisan works represent a multitude of political ideas and positions from around the world. 

According to Jacob, “It is no wonder in this day and age that artists are re-engaging one of the most critical subjects in art: the political and social climate, war and survival.  Such human dramas that shape destiny have always existed in the history of art, but they are not usually found, no less highlighted, in the environment of an art fair.   So this year's ‘Partisan’ show is evidence of inescapable concerns on everyone’s minds and which have a place in every sector of the art world.”

Exhibiting artists include Anthony Cannon Walker (Base Gallery), Leon Golub, Nancy Spero and Tania Bruguera (Rhona Hoffman Gallery), John Kirchner (Kim Foster Gallery), Peter Drake (Linda Warren Gallery), Hugo Bastidas (Nora Haime Gallery), Dinh Q Le (P.P.O.W.), Volker Steizmann (DIE Gallery), Guillermo Munoz Vera (La Ribera Galerie de Arte), Myeong Beom Kim (Thomas Masters Gallery), Paul D'Amato (Stephen Daiter Gallery), Cindy Tower (Bruno David Gallery), Michael Scoggins (Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts), Luo Qing (Eli Klein Fine Art), Susanna Coffey (Isabel Ignacio Galeria de Arte), John Delk, Noelle Mason and Conor McGrady (Thomas Robertello Gallery), Martin Cary Horowitz (Linda Durham Contemporary Art), Qin Fengling (Kasia Kay Art Projects), Philip Evergood (Forum Gallery), Denise Yaghmourian and Ron Adams (Zane Bennett Gallery), Maxmilio Gonzalez (Valle Orti), Grace Graupe-Pillard and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (Carl Hammer Gallery).