The Aztec World

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Ceramic vessel featuring Tlaloc (rain deity), Aztec (AD 1440-1469), Mexico City Museo Del Templo Mayor, © Michel Zabé / AZA. Reproduction authorized by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia
Group Exhibition
The Aztec World

1400 S. Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL
October 28th, 2008 - April 19th, 2009

Michigan Ave/Downtown
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Last admission at 4 p.m. Open every day except Christmas.


The Aztec World
October 26, 2008 through April 19, 2009

Explore the grandeur and sophistication of one of history's greatest civilizations—the Aztec Empire—and find out how a community that began in the middle of a lake eventually became the capital of an empire. Hundreds of spectacular artifacts and works of art assembled together for the first time provide a look into the remarkable rise and fall of The Aztec World.

Objects crafted from gold, silver, obsidian, jade, and other precious materials tell the epic story of the Aztecs—how, in just 200 years, they grew from a small group of outsiders to the rulers of an empire of ten million citizens. Unlike many other exhibitions about this legendary civilization, The Aztec World explores the everyday lives of men and women at all levels of society—from commoners to kings—and examines their roles in an empire whose legacy lives on today in modern Mexico.

The Field Museum has assembled nearly 300 spectacular artifacts from museums across Mexico and the United States for a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive exhibition that will not travel to any other destination. Many of these treasures will be displayed outside Mexico for the first time, giving a rare perspective of Aztec art, science, trade, cosmology, and religious ritual.

So come discover the ingenuity of Aztec farmers and the artistry of Aztec craftsmen. Experience the bustle of the marketplace. Appreciate the privilege, possessions, and responsibilities of Aztec rulers. Explore the training, weapons, and celebrations of Aztec warriors. Examine the deities, temples, and sacrificial altars of Aztec religion. And trace the remarkable history and heritage of The Aztec World, exclusively at The Field Museum.