Form Follows Function off a short pier

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© Courtesy of Propeller Fund
Form Follows Function off a short pier

1407 E. 54th Place
Chicago, IL 60615
July 20th, 2013 - September 22nd, 2013

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HOME gallery, run by Laura Schaeffer of SHoP—one of Propeller's 2012 Grant recipients, has commissioned artists Marissa Lee Benedict, John Preus, and Kevin Reiswig to create specific items of furniture, structures, and/or modifications of existing things and spaces within and around the Nord/Shaeffer home. Each commission reflects both a practical and social wish, the fulfillment of which is tacitly bound up in the artistic process. The exhibition further explores home life as an arena that necessitates intervention and rupture from outside; domestic life is an incrementally self-imposed set of activities, habits, attitudes and rituals, born of archaic patterns, personal history; social life as an art form; the concept of home as the place most familiar, but founded upon the imaginary.