Portrait of the Times - 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art

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Portrait of the Times - 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art

200 Huayuan Gang Road
Huangpu District
July 18th, 2013 - November 10th, 2013

Tue-Sun 9-5 (last admission: 4pm)
video-art, sculpture, photography, installation, performance


Elaboration on the Theme

Since the end of the 1970s, Chinese Contemporary Art has experienced 30 years of development of trials and hardships. From “85 New Wave” in the 1980s, international recognition in the 1990s, commercial success in the 2000s to today’s overall prosperity, Chinese contemporary art as a newly arising cultural form has been recognized generally by the domestic and the international, the private and the official. However, 30 Years of development of contemporary art also reflects that China and Chinese have experienced huge changes during the special times. No matter China’s integral economics and culture, or Chinese people’s self cognition and social involvement, all these could be reflected by artists’ works over these years. We hope that this exhibition could act as an entry point to generally define "portrait", not only show paintings on the theme of "portrait", but also present body-oriented works integrating sculpture, installation, video, photography, performance, and etc, demonstrate the significance of the theme at different levels in diversified ways, and make available the possibility of multi-faceted interpretation to the audience.

The exhibition will take the display of visual arts as the main clue, combine it with assortment of the domains of parallel culture and subculture, such as literature, film, drama, music, and etc, panoramically manifest the development course of Chinese contemporary art since the reform and opening up for more than 30 years, and cordially and rationally describe the transformation of the mental appearance of the Chinese people.

The theme of exhibition is Portrait of the Times - 30 Years of Contemporary Art, will open on August 17, 2013, and last for three months. This exhibition features about 100 artists (groups), and about 300 arts works.


Exhibition Structure

The exhibition consists of 5 parts according to the actual situation of the exhibition space.

- Specific Human

“Specific human” reflects the self-awareness, from the abstract concept of “people” to the more independent and more individualized evolution of self- definition

- Social Identity

Emphasize the establishment of people’s civic awareness, involvement in the society, and pursuit for more multiple values.

- Inner World

Probe into each individual’s psychological world, and represent the complication of spiritual space and the vivid course of transition.

- Body Imagery

Embody another kind of elaboration on portrait in the means of materialistic narration of body through representing each parts of human body.

- Survival in the Future

Pay attention to the understanding and expression of relatively younger artists with completely new experiences of growth, and provide an open and indefinite space of expression.