Remodeling Home

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© Courtesy of Home Gallery
Remodeling Home

1407 E. 54th Place
Chicago, IL 60615
March 16th, 2013 - April 20th, 2013

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After two years of dormancy, HOME gallery is being reopened by Laura Shaeffer of SHoP, one of Propeller's 2012 Grant recipients. To celebrate its return, enliven its quietness, and tend to its neglect, Shaeffer and her family have decided to invite 15 Chicago-area artists to disrupt, displace, rearrange, harmonize, or otherwise intervene in the everyday rhythms, patterns, and routines of their private family life. By giving their fragile space into the hands of resourceful and unconventional artists they hope for a utopic model to arise that can then be opened and shared with the public.

Building on SHoP's former exhibit This House Is Not a Home, Remodeling Home will continue to explore the concept of home "as a place and a mindset, a psycho-geography, a set of relationships with things and people, within the home, and surrounding the home, a stage set with social and material parameters, an idea that is perhaps never realized, a story that we tell ourselves and others that is both documentary and fiction"(John Preus).

Participating artists:

  • Alberto Aguilar 
  • Kayce Bayer 
  • Marissa Lee Benedict 
  • Jim Duignan 
  • Paul Durica 
  • Mejay Gula 
  • Rachel Herman 
  • Samantha Hill 
  • Chris Lin 
  • Jorge R. Lucero 
  • John Preus 
  • Kevin Reiswig 
  • Norman Teague 
  • Hui-min Tsen 
  • Hoyun Son

Featuring music by Fleur De Lune and other surprise musical guests!