"Urban Penumbra" Ray Ferrer Solo Art Exhibition

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Anticipation Spray Paint On Canvas
"Urban Penumbra" Ray Ferrer Solo Art Exhibition

704 S Wabash Avenue
60605 Chicago
January 11th, 2012 - February 22nd, 2012
Opening: January 11th, 2012 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Michigan Ave/Downtown
open by appointment only or during our events
Ray Ferrer, chicago, mixed-media, graffiti/street-art


Chicago, Il - New York artist Ray Ferrer will be exhibiting a solo exhibition of work entitled “Urban Penumbra” at Elephant Room, Inc. January 11th, 2013 through February 22nd, 2013. The opening reception will be held on Friday, January 11th from 6:30pm to 9:00pm and an artist talk will take place on Saturday, January 12th at 2pm. Elephant Room is located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

“Urban Penumbra” is a series of mixed media paintings that capture the real beauty of the subject through Ferrerʼs use of partial or full illumination between the shadows on all sides of the person or object. These illuminations are known as penumbras. The range of light and dark around Ferrerʼs subjects provide the illumination necessary for the narrative that can be interpreted about the subject as well as convey the real beauty of the subject. “The work is raw, itʼs stripped back, itʼs honest.” - Ferrer

The series reveals subjects within urban settings that are both exterior and interior and feel very New York and a bit nostalgic. Looking at his larger body of work, Ferrerʼs inspirations are quite obvious as he frequently paints images from the past while maintaining his urban aesthetic. Due to the illuminations, the subjects appear in their most simplistic beauty as glowing images of the past. Ferrerʼs use of acrylic and spray paint are reminiscent of black and white street photography as well as graffiti art.

Ray Ferrer is an East Coast based artist, who, through his work, seeks to utilize various harmonies and ideas to visually engage his audience. He uses his art as an opportunity to experiment with the range of possibilities allowed through his choice of materials, spray paint and hand cut stencils. “I am vehemently opposed to using art as a means to rely on overly-complex theories or ideas to prop up mediocre images. I believe that the quality of the actual work is what is paramount.” - Ferrer.

Ferrer became interested in Urban art later in life as he began to appreciate the beauty and meaning in the medium. He is interested in the negative spaces in his stencil work, and capturing a sophistication that goes unseen in many day to day images. Ferrer has a MBA and an undergraduate degree in Engineering.