Galvanized Walls

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M's quick visit, 2012 Mixed Media 73 "X 49" © Jose Luis Cabrera 2012
Galvanized Walls
Curated by: Veronica Arellano

9130 S Dadeland Blvd # 100,
Miami, Fl 33156
September 30th, 2012 - October 28th, 2012

coral gables
8am -10pm Mon-Sat
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
avant-garde, american, museum quality art, conceptual painting, contemporary-art, mixed-media, installation, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, figurative, modern, sculpture
Free Admission



                                               Artist:   Jose Luis Cabrera


                                             Exhibition: Galvanized Walls


Apex Angels & Co. and Datran Center in Miami is pleased to present a new exhibition of art works by international artist Jose Luis Cabrera.

      Cabrera is known for his paintings that oscillate between abstraction and figuration,

 This body of work focuses on large scale multi-layered abstractions, That addresses spontaneous systems of ideas and networks that materialize within society , such as the unity of gestural form with communities, and other conceptual pathways. An image made up of conceptual and gestural forms, as the means of re-ordering the relation of the viewer to the painting.

       These new paintings simultaneously feature figurative elements that are ostensibly recognizable – hands, heads, humans forms  – combined with gesture abstract passages that serve to re-structure order and dimensionality within the painting, creating a palpable sense of the individual and the collective. This effect is reinforced by a deliberate illogicality; representational aspects of body are fragmented, elusive and transitory, unbound by any particular viewpoint or frame of reference. This is combined with added or subtracted sections of paint to imply spatial depth within the image, such as curved bands, which suggest dynamic and implied movement.

      During the process of making the work, Cabrera often physically draws on the painting with viscous materials and heavy paint application. Cabrera fuses a variety of materials like sugar, aluminum powder, polymers, composite gold, oil paint skins, and many other alternative materials to enhance the physicality of the image. As he explains, in one position ‘my relationship to the painting feels familiar/grounded; when I fuse these material on the canvas, this familiar relationship – facing an object that faces me – is dissolved. In this process the location that I am used to occupying when looking at a painting is moving away from me to reappear as a more visceral image’. In doing so, Cabrera’s aim is to liberate the image from a stable, singular reading to multiple layered and simultaneous viewpoints.

     The paintings mark a further development in the range of techniques and resources adopted by Cabrera in recent work. Gestural bursts of material, absorbed into the canvas, fuse with precise delineations rendered on the surface of the picture plane, while the hues of bright silver, yellow and gold palpitate against dark hues, luminescent and transparent, as if lit from behind.

Possessing a keenness that belied his age, Cabrera's paintings and sculpture have always reflected a profound sense ethereal, enigmatic and abundance.

Jose Luis Cabrera was born in 1984, in Guatemala. He has lived and worked in Miami and Chicago since 1990. Exhibitions of his paintings, sculptures, drawings and installations have been staged extensively over the past four years and his work is included in the prestigious public and private collections. Recent projects include the Museum of contemporary Art, Chicago, Datran Center installations, and public art Projects. In 2009 Cabrera became the first artist to be given a permanent commission to install at the University Club of Chicago. Cabrera Has won numerous awards and is considered a rising star of contemporary art.

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