Process of Scale - Sizing up Sculpture

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"Emergence # 7" Cable Ties And Aircraft Cable 6’ X 4’ X 2’ © Courtesy of the artist and Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA)
"Baile" Stoneware Clay 37” X 22” X 22” © Courtesy of the artist and Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA)
Process of Scale - Sizing up Sculpture

2320 W Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
October 5th, 2012 - November 25th, 2012
Opening: October 12th, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

West Loop/West Town
Wed-Sun 12-4
maquettes, sculpture


The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art invites you to the exhibit of five local Chicago artists - Dusty Folwarczny, Eric Gushee, Jill King, Dean Langworthy, Elena Rakochy. The exhibit will feature drawings, maquettes and large scale sculptures to illustrate the “Process of Scale.”

When the average person enters a gallery or walks into a museum or even discovers a large scale sculpture while on a daily commute, their immediate reaction is one of wonder, awe, inspiration and the ever present “how did this get here.” The real answer to this question was formed long before the process of sizing up sculpture ever started. This exhibition will attempt to shed some light on how a thought becomes a reality, and expose some of the steps artists take to get there.

The “Process of Scale” starts with the initial concept-sketch that is drawn in two dimensions and serves as a visual diary for the potential future work. Drawings become a reminder of the original idea that the artist wants to realize, and can be a rendering of the work itself or can describe details as to how the work is to be fabricated. Through a time honored method of trial and error the artist begins to handle materials, and forms them as directed by the preparatory studies. These maquettes work out the concept in three dimensions: giving volume and mass to the drawing.  It is in this phase that the artist works out the structure and engineering. Working on this scale, many variations of form can instruct the artist as he or she manipulates the various elements.  Once the artist is confident with the models, he or she can then use these to inform the large scale work.

The Exhibit will be closely related to "The 23rd International Sculpture Conference" (October 4-6, 2012) in Chicago. It will be curated by Terrence Karpowicz, a member of The Chicago Sculpture International.
This exhibit is also a part of the Chicago Artist Month.